Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Budget

graphic tees (pocket) (print*) : orig. $15 each, on sale $7.50
floral shorts: orig. $20, on sale $10
stripe joggers: orig. $25, on clearance $10
*see the actual one on Instagram

Earlier this month I went shopping for baby clothes, and after I realized I had spent way too much time in Gymboree debating between whether to get the 6-12 mo. or 12-18 mo. hoodie, I said screw it, got the smaller one because it's what he needs now, and went to Old Navy to shop for myself. Of course, by that time, baby had been awake for long enough where nap time was getting closer by the minute. I had just enough time to do a sweep of the clearance section and find a few things to try on (and buy, because who can honestly get any real thinking done when you know your tot's cries are saying "Mom, I'm tired. Mom, I want to take a nap. Mommmmm...." --- At least that's how my guilt complex interpreted his grunts and groans.)

Anyway, I went home with the epitome of my wardrobe these days: lounge wear and tees. But you know what? When you're a MWWFH (mom who works from home), lounge wear is an indication that you have overcome just one more obstacle in your day: getting out of your PJs. For me, new lounge wear means that I can go a day without wearing the same old (new) soccer shorts. And some days, that is what is keeping me sane. 

While these were all impulse purchases, I have already worn them all more than some things I bought years ago. Once I figure out a simple and efficient way to take selfies, get them in blogger, and put some words next to them, I'll show off my tees. Any advice for doing this would be much appreciated :)


  1. Just get a tripod and remote! I did that for a while before I started working with a photographer. I don't know if you used a camera or your phone, but I used my phone, so I also got a phone attachment for my tripod. Everything was super cheap on amazon!

    You can do it!



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