Thursday, August 3, 2017

back at it again

Hi there! I'm not even sure where to begin since so much has happened since the last time I posted. The most time occupying thing that happened is that we moved. While we were in the process of that, Baby Tater Tot learned how to roll over. About three days ago he learned how to army crawl and has been unstoppable since. Add two teeth, and you've got one mom with full overflowing hands. (Hands were full with grad school, online courses, and life in general. Moving with an infant only multiplied the load.)

What brings me back to the blog? Honestly, I miss it. I miss fashion. Even when I go to Target and walk by the women's section, I feel left out. What's worse is that I felt resentment towards others who had time to look put together, and even more resentment towards those who had the time and energy to blog. I stopped looking at blogs and didn't log into Instagram for what felt like a long time. After chatting about this in my mommy group, I realized that blogging wasn't just something I did in my spare time; it was part of my identity.

And so now that we're basically done moving (minus a handful of boxes that still need unpacking), and baby is getting on a somewhat regular nap schedule, I think I'll be able to throw a post together here and there. To all of the mothers out there who haven't missed a beat in the course of raising a newborn, I salute you. 

occasion: lunch date (in the midst of moving)

(gifts c/o Mom)

It was finally time to retire my favorite black maxi skirt . It was really starting to thin out and become see-through. Even my mom agreed so she bought me a new one. Although I loved that I scored mine for under $20, the quality of the new one far surpasses the old, so I'm looking forward to getting years of wear from it. After buying the skirt, my mom earned a rewards certificate, so we went to the store, and used it on the tee. There were so many great colors, but the turquoise was the only one in my size that wasn't black, white, or grey, and we all know I have enough of those colors in my closet. (This one in lilac was a close runner up; I'm still debating getting it because the tees are so soft and comfortable.)
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