Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November Budget

floral top: orig. $35, on sale $21
coral robe: orig. $20, on clearance $7.50
purple wrap top: orig. $40, on promotion w/coupon $1
white tee: orig. $25, on clearance $10.50
grey leggings: orig. $25, on promotion w/coupon $5
(not pictured: two $1.50 tank tops, one $2 tee)

= $50

This month was about picking up some more maternity pieces for my growing belly (currently 30 weeks along), and specifically those that I knew I would want to wear over and over again. So far, so good. 

I got the grey leggings because I already had a pair of black maternity leggings and needed/ wanted to wear something other than the same pair of leggings every night. The white tee is long enough to wear with leggings alone, or paired with jeans and my coatigan. The robe is a nice piece to have when it's not cold enough for a sweater, but when I just want to be comfy at night. The floral top is basically my favorite top to wear when I don't feel like wearing a t-shirt.

The best of all? The purple wrap top. I just got it and love it (and it didn't hurt that it only cost me $1 out of pocket). My cousin brought it to my attention that after the baby comes, I'll likely only want to wear nursing-friendly clothes. So now I'm trying to be mindful of that with my purchases. For those of you who have little ones, did you only wear nursing-friendly tops, or did you wear whatever you wanted to, even if it was inconvenient for nursing?

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  1. I tried to buy a few loose-fitting, nursing-friendly tops for the first few months after giving birth--they definitely come in handy, particularly at 2am. After that, I mostly just wore a lot of separates for "ease of access." I just stopped breastfeeding last week, so I'm just now starting to wear dresses again!

  2. I have 6 nursing camis that I rotate through- these are my favorite (http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-2168595/oh-baby-by-motherhood-nursing-camisole-maternity.jsp). I also have some from Target and they are okay--longer but not as soft. My baby is almost 7 months old and I think I have worn one every single day since we came home from the hospital. They make wearing most of my normal tops very convenient. The "two shirt method" makes me feel more covered when nursing in public and they make night nursing easier too. Now that I'm back at work, I sometimes forgo the nursing cami during the day since I'm pumping (and can close my office door to do that)...but once I get home I change into comfy pants, a nursing cami, and grab an open sweater or zip up sweatshirt to keep warm. When my baby was very small it was difficult to learn how to nurse (and difficult for him to nurse) with a bunch of extra fabric in the way, so camis that clipped down have been great for us!

  3. Ohh! I really love the purple wrap top! Great choice!


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