Monday, October 3, 2016

little did they know

I went to Michigan over the summer for a few days for a mini family reunion. The trip happened to fall on my birthday weekend, which meant I got a few presents, including this dress. When my aunt and cousin found out that I was pregnant, they seemed bummed that they didn't get me something more maternity friendly. I thought this dress would actually be perfect. It's loose, and it can easily transition to colder weather (tights and a cardigan, am I right?). They agreed, and told me they were actually debating between this dress and another more fitted option. How serendipitous! 

(18 weeks)

Dress  //  Flats


  1. Love your dress.


  2. That was nice of them to get this dress for you. I can already see you remixing it a lot.

  3. Ohh! The cut of the dress looks fantastic on you! Great present!

  4. What a sweet gift! You look so pretty <3

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