Friday, September 30, 2016

September Budget

  1. berry teeorig. $15, on clearance $8 
  2. striped teeorig. $15, on clearance $4.50 
  3. skinny jeans: orig. $35, w/coupon $26.50
  4. white jeans: orig. $35, on clearance $18
  5. navy dressorig. $28, on clearance $8
  6. floral dress: orig. $35, on clearance $15
  7. blue skirt: orig. $40, on clearance w/coupon $10

= $90

At one point, I had thought I could create an entire maternity wardrobe with less than $100. Clearly that's not the case, but I did find some great pieces at some great prices. The dark skinnies are easily going to get a lot of wear, and same goes for the tees. The floral dress is my favorite of all and will be able to be worn throughout the fall and after pregnancy, too. Same goes for the blue skirt.

I still plan to buy a couple of more staples in these next few weeks. I tried on some old tunic sweaters recently and they fit fine and look like there is still room to expand. (That's saying something since most of my clothes don't fit me anymore - I have grown just enough that I can't button my shirts or get my pants over my hips.) Hopefully they will work so I won't have to stockpile for winter. 

There are a few other pieces I purchased in an online maternity clearance haul, but didn't include them in this report because I'm not sure whether to keep them or not. On one hand, they were pieces that were less than $10. On the other hand, I have a few things I like, and don't want to buy just for the sake of buying. For those of you who are or have been pregnant, how did you approach shopping? Do you have any advice? 

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  1. I can't recall offhand how far along you are, so we'll see how helpful this advice is. I had my first son 4 months ago, and I know towards the end I was just straight up uncomfortable, and I didn't like things touching the skin on my stomach too much. Jeans with zippers sucked toward the end, so perhaps avoid those. Your belly may get larger than you expect it to, so concentrate on stretchy jersey and layers that stay open in the front. Also, if your feet swell you'll want comfortable shoes. Something like a moccasin driving shoe that you can slip on might work nicely for fall. I did a recap of my maternity purchases on May 31st this year, so I'd suggest checking it out if you're interested.

  2. Oh, it's so hard to know how to approach maternity shopping. I tried to make my normal clothes work as much as possible, like my stretchy skirts, and all my cardigans! I actually had to buy new jeans this time, because my jeans from last time somehow didn't fit properly. And I wore a lot of skirts and dresses during my first pregnancy, but couldn't as much the second time, because I needed more functional outfits with my older boy.
    On the one hand, you don't want to buy too much. On the other hand, if you are going to buy it, you might as well buy it sooner. Super helpful, I know!

  3. Maternity leggings! They were a lifesaver for me last Fall/Winter. I actually got mine off of Walmart's website. I didn't want to spend a lot on them because I didn't know how long I could wear them, but they made it through my entire pregnancy! Also, Target has maternity tights, which were fantastic when the weather got colder. Another thing that helped me was getting a few larger tank tops and big open cardigans that I could remix and throw scarves on top of to change up my look a little bit. Congratulations!


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