Friday, January 29, 2016

January Budget

What I bought:
  1. mixed-stitch turtleneck: orig. $90, on clearance $15 - My mom had actually brought me this turtleneck in cream, grey, and strawberry, and had me choose one. I chose the grey because that one was her favorite. A week or two later, I was in the mall again, and I came across the turtlenecks. I had worn my grey one already a bunch and so I decided to pick up another.
  2. window pane skirt: orig. $70, on sale w/coupon and store credit c/o Mom $15 -  You may remember me mentioning this skirt from November's budget report. I finally decided I'd just keep it because it's neutral, it's my kind of print, and it fits well. Now if I can only get the styling down right... 
  3. amelia medallion flats: orig. $108, on clearance $20 - One of my goals this year has got to be to stop giving in to 50% off clearance + free shipping deals at J. Crew Factory. These were definitely an impulse purchase, but I can see them fitting into my wardrobe easily enough.
  4. printed woven shell: orig. $50, on super clearance $5 - Most of my shells are too tight at this point, and I wanted to add a new print top to my closet. It's another piece that might have not been the best decision, but will be easy enough to fit into my wardrobe. [EDIT: RETURNED. Turns out that it was not that easy to fit into my wardrobe after all.]
= $50

What's in the mail:
  1. confetti fit & flare dress: orig. $80, on clearance $36 - I was first drawn to this dress when I saw it in store. At that time, it was full price, so it was a no-go. The next time I saw it, it was on sale, but they didn't have anything close to my size left. I ordered what I think should be my size, so we'll see what happens. I'm not sure whether I need another dress, but this one seems like it could easily be worn in the winter (with tights and a shirt under or cardigan over) or on its own in the summer.
  2. mini crossbody bags: orig. $40, on clearance $17 each - I ordered the red one and the cobalt one. Obviously I wouldn't keep both, but I have no clue which one would work better. I could see myself reaching for the red when I'm in a spunky mood, but wanting the cobalt one when I'm just trying to do my own thing. That makes sense, right? 

What was gifted:

7)  striped long sleeve tee  //  8) zip up hoodie  //  9)  ankle boots

not pictured: grid print muffler, black lace cami, perforated booties

I felt like I should still include these in my budget report as they are additions to my closet. These were Christmas gifts and/or purchased by my mom when we went shopping together over the holiday break. I bought the ankle boots with Christmas money thanks to my husband's side - that still counts as a gift to me. Side note: it's hard to believe how much better the deals were in store than they are online!

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  1. I see the sweater and the skirt looking very cute together. I like the shoes too. I find myself wearing flats just because they're flats and not necessarily for any other reason.

  2. Love the flat you got this month. Have a great weekend.

  3. What a great deal on that cozy sweater. I can't wait to see how you style those flats!

  4. I have been trying to think of excuses to buy that confetti dress from Gap! But I really really don't need more dresses. It's just SO PRETTY!!!

  5. I've been looking for a good turtleneck - glad to know you liked this one enough to double up on colors!

  6. You got some adorable pieces this month! Those turtlenecks look sooooo cozy. I adore that skirt too. I bet it would look adorable with a black or white sweater and tights.

  7. Love your window pane skirt! I could see it working with so much - those ankle boots you got and the cream turtleneck would look great with it I think :) You ended up with some really nice pieces this month. I still have to post what I bought in January, I've been so behind!

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