Tuesday, January 19, 2016

favorite outfits of 2015

Happy New Year! (A little late, I know.) Here are my favorite looks of 2015, from January to December.

1  //  2  //  3  //  4
5  //  6  //  7  //  8
9  //  10  //  11  //  12
13  //  14  //  15  //  16

Apparently I gravitated towards neutrals with a pop of color on occasion. While I recognized that I opted for brights less this year than last year, I was surprised to see just how frequently I opted for blacks and whites this year. You can compare my favorites of this year to my favorites of 2014 here and here.


  1. Happy New Year. You wore a lot of great outfit in 2015. I did a lot of black and white outfits as well in 2015.


  2. I noticed the same trend with your outfits this year haha. You look so good in bright colors. My favorite is the black dress with bright flats. Such a fun outfit. I think quite a few of us have been gravitating towards neutrals as of late. As I move towards a more minimalist closet, neutrals are my friend.

  3. #3 JCrew graphic tee is a fave, as well as the grey bow flats, nice touch from payless. You do a good job styling maxi skirts, they are still in heavy rotation for me too. The Target espadrilles definitely had me do a double take, on my wish list they go.

  4. I like how the striped skirt is featured in all of the posts! It's just a winner. I really meant to do a 2015 favorites, but it was such a weird year for me!

  5. I can definetly see a tendency for black, white and grey. Which I think is great because they are my favorites too :)
    Happy new year!

  6. I love that hot pink sweater in the first picture. I think that's my favorite!


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