Sunday, January 31, 2016

Budget Rewind: January 2015

  • Target flats: $5 - It comes as no surprise that these were a good purchase, as they were one of my favorite purchases of 2015. 18+ wears puts cost-per-wear at 27 cents?! Okay! 
  • Old Navy dress: $10.50 - This one was in the running for the favorites of '15 list, but I don't love it. Even so, it still is a good purchase. I got it for a great deal, and have worn it five times (you'll see it again soon in an upcoming post). 
  • Old Navy turtleneck: $5 - Some pieces in your closet aren't going to be your favorites, but some are going to be solid additions. Case in point: this turtleneck. (3 blog wears at this point, but I'm pretty sure I've spent some time lounging in it at home) I wish they would have brought it back this year -- I really wanted one in white with black stripes.
  • J. Crew Factory sweater: $15 - I bought a similar sweater from Old Navy the year before but returned it because I was being stingy. Then I bought this one last year and I didn't wear it nearly as much as I thought I would. I have this problem where I really love wearing navy, but I also prefer to wear black pants. And since I refuse to wear black and navy together... then I also do a bad job of wearing navy. I guess I need new non-black pants. Anyway, I actually took this on vacation as well. It was the perfect piece, paired mostly with bermuda shorts.
  • J. Crew Factory bracelet: $5.50 - I want to be a bracelet person, but I'm not. I generally don't think about jewelry until the last minute, and by the time I choose earrings and/or a necklace, I don't have it in me to pick a bracelet. I'll try to be better about that this year.

There must be something about the new year that puts me in a smart shopping state of mind, as I had a really good budget rewind last year for January 2014. Hopefully if I'm still in the blogging game this time next year, I'll have similar great things to say about January 2016's purchases.


  1. I definitely agree about that turtleneck. I have a similar navy/white one and wish I could have nabbed a black and white one this year! It's such a great layering piece!

  2. Haha I am totally with you on the jewelry thing. I know jewelry is supposed to help make an outfit, I just always forget that it exists and I'm usually running out the door after I think about throwing on earrings or a bracelet! And I'm glad the old navy dress is at least a "good." I say I love mine but I don't really wear it that much. So maybe I just really like it :)

  3. Haha I'm the same with bracelets. I am more of a necklace and earring girl with a watch thrown in when i think about it. I don't tend to like how navy looks on me so I've gotten rid of all but one navy item. I own and love too much black so I would be annoyed at not being able to pair the two.

  4. I've had the exact same dilemma with a navy sweater in the past--I couldn't bring myself to wear it with black, and it seemed too monochromatic to wear it with jeans.

  5. I struggle with navy/blue tops too. Because I also sometimes don't like them with jeans because it's too much blue. So what do you wear them with??

  6. I remember going to Target to find those shoes but they didn't have my size!


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