Friday, December 4, 2015

Reader Response Requested: The Zoo!

I've been asked to gather some input about potential apparel for the gift shop of a zoo. I have included some specific questions that I would like your feedback on. Thank you for your time!  

1. Do you like the designs? If so, which is your favorite? Least favorite?
2. If you don't like the designs, what would you change?
3. What colors would you like to see the t-shirts in? For yourself? For your significant other? For your kids?
4. How much would you pay for the t-shirts -- knowing that they are printed locally and are going to be sold in a gift shop?
5. What other apparel would you like to see the design(s) on?

Any additional feedback?

[click on any of the pictures below to see them in further detail]


  1. I really like the first one. The colors feel retro and that's huge right now. Normally I would say price from $15-$20 kids- adult. Most people will pay that at the zoo!

  2. I really like the first one. If I had to choose a least favorite it would be the bottom left one. I like these for t-shirts and also hoodies - if I'm going to buy a souvenir a hoodie is generally what I lean for because the thicker material holds up better over time :)

  3. So fun! My favorite is the giraffes. My least favorite is the one with all of the animals and people. It just seems too busy. I like the colors. The muted tones seem appropriately nature-y. I'd prob pay about $20 but I bet the average person would pay more. Gift shop tees are pricey! I think tote bags would be really cute, too. And make an elephant version!

  4. Ohh! So fun! I wonder how you got this gig ;)

    1. They are all really cute! But my favorites have to be the giraffes and the lions. My least favorite is all of them on one shirt. It's hard to tell what the hippos are on that one.
    2. I don't think I would change the designs at all!
    3. Like Andi, I like the muted colors for these designs. Maybe a muted purple, blue and green could be added to the mix?
    4. I would pay $20ish for one of these shirts.
    5. Long-sleeved tees would be cute...perhaps a baseball style tee??

    You should sell some here when they are available!

  5. My favorite design is the one with the giraffes and my least favorite is the one with all the animals and the people just because it’s a lot of things to include in a design. I also think the more muted or neutral colors would sell the best. A vintage-y (I’m making up a word maybe?) gray tee would be nice I think. But I do like the orange for kids sizes and think brighter colors work better for them.

    For price I would spend around $20 for an adult tee willingly, although if they’re a high quality super soft t-shirt then I feel like I see those types pretty regularly priced for closer to $28-30. For a kids tee, I don’t think I’d pay more than $20, I suppose $15 would be the dollar amount that would make me willing to buy a kids tee. :)

  6. I don't usually buy t-shirts from places! Buuuuut, for the purpose of helping, the giraffe design is my favorite. I think the first shirt may be a bit busy but the other three are so sweet. I don't like the colors they chose. A nice soft blue or green would look nice. If my kids really wanted shirts, then maybe I'd pay $15-20.

  7. I like the giraffe one the best because it's simple yet portrays the message. My least favorite is either the top left (too busy) or the bottom left (took me a minute to figure out what it was--pic not as clear maybe because it's just the head?). I'd buy adult t-shirts for around $20, but if it was a higher quality fabric (like one of those poly/cotton mixes) or had a cool vintage vibe with the print, I could see it closer to $28-30 for a t-shirt. For colors, I personally prefer adult shirts in softer colors, like denim blue, mossy green, or gray. Kids shirts would probably sell better in brighter colors, though. This design seems like it would work best on a t-shirt or maybe a coffee mug.

  8. I have to agree with most people here, the giraffe definitely wins. The first design is too busy, and the other two don't really show the nurture aspect of nature. I'd probably pay $15 for these.

    These are really amazing designs btw! You're very talented :)

    Roxi -


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