Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Budget Rewind: November 2013

  • Old Navy chambray: $10 (option) - Even though I haven't worn this one as much as my first chambray shirt, its cost-per-wear is close to $1 if not less. (I remember taking it on a couple of vacations, but don't remember how much I actually wore it on those trips.)
  • Exact Stretch Pants: $43 (exact) - After outgrowing (read: gaining enough wait to no longer fit in) my first pair of Exact Stretch pants, a new pair were in order. The only reason these aren't an excellent purchase is because they aren't exactly straight; they flare out at the very bottom.

  • J. Crew Factory pants: $34 (option) - This purchase was inspired by seeing these pants on Bri. Even though I really liked the print, I could never style them in a satisfying way. In retrospect, I was probably trying too hard instead of just keeping it simple. But at this point, they aren't fitting me, so... we're going to wait and hopefully lose weight and give them another shot.

  • Forever 21 lace dress: $15 (option) - I had wanted a white lace dress for some time, and so when I finally saw one, I decided it was the one. After a couple wears, I realized it was too short, and I didn't like the way it poofed. Silver lining? I learned my lesson and haven't bought a dress from Forever 21 since then.
  • J. Crew Factory scarf: $10 (option) - Once upon a time, I felt like I deserved a reward after a submitting a draft of a paper, and felt like a $10 scarf was the way to do it. I don't like the way this one sits, and I just don't ever have the desire to wear it. If you have any styling ideas, let me know!
  • Gap flats: $13 (option) - I really wanted a pair of red flats, but not in your face red. I spotted these in the clearance section and figured they were the perfect solution. But it turned out they weren't. They're half a size too big and the bow tie won't stay tied so I have to retie them throughout the day when I wear them. Plus they started to peel around the toe the first time I wore them.
  • Old Navy striped top: $13 (option) - I don't remember why I bought this top. I do remember seeing it on Danielle and deciding I had to have it, too. But the sheerness and pastel color makes it difficult to wear in the winter, and the long sleeves make it undesirable to wear in the summer. I have barely worn it in the two years I've owned it. If that's not a bad purchase, I don't know what is.

All in all, this may be one of the worst shopping months I have ever had, which is interesting because November 2014 was such a great shopping month. At least it's safe to say that I have learned a lot in two years. The more budget rewinds I put together, the more I see satisfaction in staples and quality basics. I also have developed a better sense of whether an impulse purchase is going to be something I regret down the road.


  1. The white dress makes me so sad. I have wanted a white lace dress for at least a few years and never found a good option. Maybe it is the great white whale for both of us! And yeah, I have that old navy shirt in green. I think I've maybe worn it 3 times. It should really go in the sell pile.

  2. I have those same J.Crew Factory pants, and I have the same dilemma. I bought them from ThredUp last winter, and while they buttoned...they were pretty tight. Outlook not good for keeping them after pregnancy, but I'm not ready to give them up just yet!

  3. I had to make an agreement with myself to never buy lightweight long sleeve shirts ever again, especially sheer ones. I run way too hot in the summer to wear long sleeves, much less to layer. So, like you, I end up never wearing those tops.


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