Thursday, December 17, 2015


Yesterday I said that I had three philosophies when it comes to getting dressed. This outfit was inspired by a mix of wearing something (cobalt scarf) because it's neglected and wearing something (navy vest) because I wanted to. The popover? That's just because I felt like there wasn't enough blue in the outfit.  

Shirt: (c/o Mom) J. Crew Factory | option
Scarf: J. Crew Factory | option
Vest: J. Crew Factory | exact
Jeans: The Limited | option
Flats: via Target | exact


  1. I haven't read yesterday's post but I like this idea in getting ready! I'm going to try to use it on mornings that I'm stuck!

  2. All the blue isn't too bad. It's kinda monochrome but not. the textures bring tons of interest to this outfit. Plus it helps that blue is one of my favorite colors to wear.

  3. I don't it is possible to have enough blue in an outfit ever. I love all the shades you used!

  4. wear all the blue! It really looks nice all together.

  5. I absolutely love all the blue here! The cobalt looks surprisingly perfect paired with your navy vest!


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