Tuesday, November 3, 2015

unusually unusual

I did three things out of the ordinary on this particular day:

1) I didn't wear flats. If you haven't been paying attention to my footwear, I don't blame you. But I have. And I know that I've only worn heels once this semester (first day of school, no corresponding post). The last time I did before that was the beginning of May (here).

2) I laughed so hard I cried -- in the middle of teaching. It wouldn't be worth it to try to repeat what happened; you had to be there. (Have you ever tried to re-tell a funny moment and it then became the most lifeless story ever? No? Just me. Okay then.)

3) I wore a predominantly black outfit. I don't know the last time I wore black on top and bottom (excluding dresses). It wasn't intentional at all, this outfit just came together last minute (which is more in line with the usual).

Tee: LOFT | exact
Jacket: The Limited | exact
Pants: The Limited | option
Heels: via Target | exact


  1. My kids are cracking me up today! You gotta love when that happens! And kudos to you for wearing heals to teach...I never really do that anymore!

  2. Oh those laughs are probably one of the best things in the world! And what was the occasion for the heels? I'm quite curious now...

    Roxi - www.goldenpolkadots.blogspot.com

  3. Those funny times are just never quite as funny when you retell them!

  4. I love getting a good laugh that you cry or even pee in your pants! well..maybe not the pee in your pants part :)


    Hope to see your Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  5. Seriously impressed with your wearing heels - I don't even try to wear them to work! The black with the peek of lilac is very pretty.
    And #2 happens to me, too ...


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