Monday, November 23, 2015

olive shirt // striped skirt

I originally planned to wear this outfit (sans tights) when fall weather first rolled around. While I never got around to wearing the outfit, neither the shirt nor the skirt managed to make their way back into my closet. Fast forward to this past Thursday when I really wanted to wear my elephant sweatshirt, but couldn't settle on what bottoms to wear with them. I eventually gave up and moved on to this window pane skirt, but couldn't settle on what top to wear with it. I eventually gave up on that one, too, and was about ready to throw a tantrum. But then lo and behold, there were my olive shirt and striped skirt... and you know how the rest of this story goes. I put them on, went to teach, came home, and watched Jurassic World. I'd give it two thumbs up, but I just can't buy into the idea that any woman would spend that entire time running around in heels.

Top: Old Navy | option 
Necklace: gift c/o MIL | option
Belt: The Limited | option
Skirt: Old Navy | option
Tights: via Target | exact
Flats: via Target | exact


  1. I don't walk around in heels, let alone run around in heels. Haha. And super cute! I'm glad this outfit finally came together for you!

  2. Love how the belt and necklace polish the whole look! I'm not quite sure how she survived that whole movie in heels either...

  3. I love this look! So elegant and somehow cool! Verz nice combination with the pencil skirt and olive blouse :)


  4. I really like that necklace! If I was wearing jewelry right now, I'd want one like it! Still haven't seen Jurassic World (I actually have a hold on it at the library, but the list is loooong). But I'm always complaining about women in heels on tv shows and movies. There's no way they'd be running around like that in stilettos!

  5. Why does Hollywood insist on all the women characters always wear heels? How practical is that?? Sorry but I don't even think many bloggers who wear heels would wear them so often if it wasn't for their blogs! I'm liking this combo! I've been a sucker for stripes and olive lately. So perfect for fall!

  6. Hahaha, my thoughts exactly about Jurassic World. I LOVED the movie, but the heels were so dumb. I'd have ditched them right away!


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