Sunday, November 29, 2015

November Budget

What I bought...
  1. grey tankorig. $25, on clearance $8 I actually had purchased this tank in September, but returned because I didn't feel it was worth $15. But fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was in store and it was $8. That's something I feel comfortable spending on a tank.
  2. graphic tank: orig. $13, on clearance $1.30 - An impulse purchase, yes, but it was less than $2 and I've worn it three times, so I'm satisfied. It's going to make for a great top to lounge around in this summer.
  3. short sleeve cardi: $15 on ThredUp - Of all the stuff I bought this month, this is probably the lesser. But it will get its time come spring. [EDIT: RETURNED]
  4. distressed black jeans: orig. $88, on promotion $42 - These are my favorite purchase of the month. I've been needing and wanting a new pair of casual pants, and these fit the bill perfectly. They're comfortable, they fit, and they go with just about everything. I've learned that I'm going to have to spend more on pants, but it ends up being worth it.
  5. purple flats: $36 on ThredUp - My current purple flats are starting to look rough. I look forward to the upgrade, and have learned that it's okay to spend more than $20 on shoes.
  6. cognac flats: orig. $17, on promotion $8.50 - I bought these a couple of months ago, but forgot to mention them on previous reports. I wanted a pair of cognac flats, and since I like my black ones from Target, I figured the cognac ones would be a good choice. They rub on the back of my heels more than my black ones, so I guess I should get some heel grips.
What I returned...
  • These distressed jeans. I've been trying to find a pair of replacement skinny jeans. After buying and loving the black distressed pair (seen above), I figured I should give JCF's other jeans a shot. These fit well, but weren't as dark in color as pictured online, and the patch was too big. Pass.
  • This elephant skirt. I had actually wanted the original retail version when I first saw it, but wasn't willing to spend anywhere close to $100 for a non-staple skirt. When JCF came out with a similar version, I bought it as soon as it went on promotion. Bottom line: it didn't fit well, and I would realistically only wear it on teaching days, and that would maybe be twice a month. That sentence alone made it clear that it wasn't a keeper.
  • This black puff vest. As mentioned in a recent budget rewind, I don't love my black quilted vest. I would be happy to replace it, but once I ordered this one from JCF and it arrived, I realized I really didn't need a new black vest. Maybe next year.
  • This mock turtleneck. I added it to my order with the grid print skirt (see below) to qualify for free shipping. It was fine, but nothing special. I think that's a good enough reason to return it.

What I'm still mulling over...
  • This grid print skirt. A-line skirts work better for my body, and I wear them far more frequently than my pencil skirts. However, I also find myself wearing pants more frequently than skirts lately... so... that leaves me undecided.
  • This grey cardigan. I bought it in September during a store-wide sale. Then I returned it because it was just too much to spend on a basic cardigan. A few weeks ago I was in store and it was on super sale. I'm still not sure about it.
  • This sweater in taupe. I have been wanting to add another tunic sweater to my collection, and this one is different than the ones I already have - both in style and in color. I got a good deal on it when I bought it on Black Friday, but now I'm wondering whether I should hold out for an even better deal, or whether I should get it in violet instead.

Most of the shopping I did on Black Friday was for Christmas gifts for family (except the aforementioned sweater). I did end up ordering this flannel shirt (in white and blue) and this over-sized cardigan, but it will be a few days before they arrive. How did you do this month? Did you do a lot of shopping on Black Friday?

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  1. Love those purple flats you got! It's a struggle to finally be ok with spending more on items, isn't it?! I really like those distressed black jeans you got too!

  2. LOVE that grid print skirt. KEEP IT! :)

  3. love the flats you got

  4. I actually didn't buy anything for myself on Black Friday. I shopped the pre-Black Friday sales instead and got better deals because of it. Gotta love that! That cardigan you're waiting for looks super cozy. I hope it works out! And if those purple flats are indeed Cole Haan (can't really tell from the picture), then you scored big time!

  5. A well-fitting pair of black jeans is totally worth the extra money, in my mind--I wear mine from Loft ALL the time. The only trick is to wash them with Woolite (or something similar) to keep them from fading!
    I like how you included a summary of what you returned this month too. I might have to copy you on that one for my next budget post...

  6. I love that grid skirt! I have a reverse color one and wear it all the time - it works with every color top and looks so fun

  7. I love those distressed black jeans! I hear ya on feeling like pants are just something that are going to cost more to get a good fit, but I've become so spoiled by getting express pants for like $15 at my favorite discount store that's here in Columbus that I just cant even bring myself to consider paying more than $30 haha!

  8. The grid skirt is so pretty, but if you aren't sure how to wear it, you should probably send it back. I could see it being one of those pieces that just doesn't play well with the rest of the closet. I also want to buy those cognac flats, but they need to come in 10.5! My black ona flats are 11 and a little too big. But a 10 would be too tight, I think. Although target sizes are kind of random, so maybe I should order a pair and see if they seem okay. My cognac "flats" are actually wedges and I think they look kind of weird sometimes.

    Anyway, I did zero shopping on black Friday, unless you count ordering a new carseat on amazon.

  9. I really enjoy reading your budget reviews. You always hit the nail on the head about the way I feel about some of my purchases but just can't quite put it in words.


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