Friday, November 13, 2015

Five x Friday [vol. 6]

1. As a kid, I hated getting socks as a present. Socks aren't presents! Now? I'd be happy to get socks like these. They would go perfectly with this shirt. Polar Bears?! C'mon!
2. Do you have a favorite team mascot? I think Benny the Bull is in the running for the best one. (Watch this montage. There's a good chance you'll at least be mildly entertained.)
3. I must have jinxed myself with my one month review of Le Tote. I held my breath for another great tote, but the one I just received is a dud. Except for the $50 scarf. That, I love. 
4. I won't buy the scarf as I'm really trying not to buy things for myself now that we've entered the holiday season. It's taking a lot of  self-control to resist... especially when there are pieces like this skirt (in emerald) and this coat just calling my name.
5. Earlier this week, Marco Rubio stated, "Welders make more money than philosophers. We need more welders and less philosophers." *coughFEWERcough* Having spent the last few years working towards a doctorate in philosophy, I can't help but have a negative response to this remark. But instead of going on a rant, I leave you with the philosoraptor. Have a great weekend!

Dress: J. Crew Factory | savespendsplurge
Shirt: Banana Republic (gift) | option
Necklace: via Target | option
Belt: came with a Target skirt
Wedges: via Payless | option


  1. Just because one makes more money, it doesn't mean that their job is worth more than others. The value of anything should not always be measured by currency... this seems so backwards to me sometimes!!

    Roxi -

  2. Maybe they should combine and become philosowelders. You could do metal work while you ponder the meaning of life. I don't see any problems with this plan. I'll be running for president just as soon as I turn 35. Thank you.
    PS - I still love this dress every time you wear it.

  3. Bummer about a Le Tote dud!! But this outfit is incredible. I adore it mucho.

  4. I thought of you when I heard that Marco Rubio comment! Also, I enjoy that you corrected is use of less versus fewer (grammarians unite!).
    Love this outfit on you! I can't wait until I start layering again...and wearing my normal clothes again. Cobalt looks fantastic on you :)

  5. I would really have a hard time parting with 50 hard earned dollars for a scarf. Maybe drop the Christmas present idea hint and see if that works?! :)

    And love this outfit! I'm curious though, was it hard to make the button up shirt sit smoothly under the dress? I've got a dress I could try this with, but I'm afraid I'd end up looking all lumpy haha!

  6. I adore that blue dress on you! $50 for a scarf??? I've been drooling over the Purple Peridot blanket scarves but can't see paying $30 for one, let alone $50. Of course that would be your favorite from the tote!

  7. Love the philosoraptor! Kevin used to have a philosoraptor t-shirt! :) I really like this outfit. It reminds me of Belle's outfit from Beauty and the Beast, which is awesome. Belle is the superior Disney princess!!

  8. You and me both. I am practically begging for socks every Christmas! I can't get enough!

  9. I remember as a kid I hated getting socks for Christmas. I don't think I would mind them now.

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.



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