Monday, November 2, 2015

ellie and ollie

It's my favorite time of year. Is it the weather? Meh, only in that it's not 80 degrees anymore. Is it the pumpkin flavored everything? No. I mean, I do love pumpkin pie and Starbucks' cream cheese pumpkin muffins, but it's not the food that does it for me. It's actually the sports. As I'm putting this post together, the Bulls/Magic game is on one screen, the Packers/Broncos game on another, and the Royals/Mets game is on during commercials. (The Impact/Crew game was on for a while, too.) I don't particularly love any of these teams, but I do like watching sports, and I especially like having options.

Even though I like having options, sometimes I don't need it. Despite having a tub full of sweatshirts and hoodies, I've been wearing this one on repeat. Can you blame me? It's perfect.

Sweatshirt: J. Crew Factory | option, option
Cora in Purpleheart Watch: JORD | exact
Ankle Pants: Old Navy | exact


  1. Super cute! And I LOVE football season. I've even been getting into pro football lately because I have a fantasy team for the first time!

  2. That sweatshirt is adorable. I can see why you're wearing it so often! It's a great color and fit. So cute!

  3. When I get a good sweater/sweatshirt I stick with it for a while too. This one is so cute! You just can't go wrong with elephants!

  4. This sweatshirt is definitely "you" - I love it! And I'm with you on the sports! I love "college football weather." Even though I don't really go to the games, I still love the feeling!

  5. This elephant sweatshirt is the cutest and I would wear it every day.

    Happy November Kate! Happy Football season, too!

  6. See, i didn't like this sweatshirt at all on the jcf site, but I love it in these pictures! I don't really care about sports, but I'm excited for the Royals. I'm a Cardinals fan, but the Royals are my next favorite, since I grew up in Kansas! Last time they won, I was a baby!

  7. That sweatshirt really is perfect!! I love anything and everything with elephants, especially if it's gold! So very cute.
    Darling, Dearest

  8. This sweatshirt is way too cute! I was shopping online the other day and saw an elephant blouse in black and white and immediately thought of you!


    Hope to see your Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  9. I always love when a good comfortable sweatshirt steps it's game up like this one. :) love the elephant on it!

  10. The navy and olive are great together. Now that I write that I get the post title. I like this time of year too, but for everything you said wasn't it for you. Lol. I'd be cool with football all year.

  11. Great sweater!!! I love the gold elephant on it :) I love football too! It's one of the best parts about Fall.
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