Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October Budget

1. purpleheart watch: c/o JORD
2. blush sleeveless blazer: $43
3. black ankle pants: $42
4. navy ankle pants: $22
5. coral tank: $6
6. purple zip up: $3 (used $5 gift card)
7. elephant sweatshirt: $21
le tote membership w/insurance: $29

= $166

Pants that fit were at the top of my shopping list this month. While I'm not excited about the cash dropped for the black ankle pants, I know that they will get a lot of wear. The navy ankle pants aren't the best ever, but I have already worn them twice in the two weeks I've had them, so at this rate, I'll be satisfied with the purchase by the end of the calendar year.

The coral tank came in the same order as the navy pants. I was making a habit of wearing tanks with cardigans, and wanted another one to add to the mix. (Apparently I've also made a habit of not taking photos of these outfits.) I randomly found the zip up hoodie on the clearance rack for $8. It may never make its way to the blog because it's lounge wear, but I wanted to include it in the report since it's non-essential. I have already worn it (at least) 8 times, so I'm pleased.

The elephant sweatshirt and the blush sleeveless blazer were both items I bookmarked and kept a close eye on, waiting for them to go on sale. Go figure that they finally did around the same time. I couldn't decide on just one, so I chose both. They're different enough that I felt I didn't have to choose just one.

I've written about my experiences with Le Tote (here and here). I would love for someone to sign up with my referral code (and save $25 off their first month) so I can get $15 off my next month, but even if that happens, I might continue with Le Tote. Even though I spent a lot this month, my shopping pretty much came to a quick halt after I signed up with Le Tote. I think I'd be satisfied spending my clothing budget on Le Tote in lieu of spending it on new goods.

I have a few things still in the mail, including this military jacket and this layered sweater. I bought the jacket in store, but then it was cheaper online a few days later, so I'm waiting for it to arrive before I make my final decision. (The more time that goes by, the less I'm feeling it. But it might just be that I'm getting cranky waiting for it.)

I ordered these plaid flats from Target, but I'm on the fence. They're cute, but do I really need another pair of flats? Do I really want another pair of flats? 

How did you do this month? What kind of goodies did you bring home?

[I'm aware that I'm missing some things in this budget report. I did a terrible job of keeping track of what I bought this month and how much I spent. I'll take the time to figure that for the next budget report and/or I'll be sure to update this one.]

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  1. I actually really love those plaid flats!! If they fit well, I say keep them :)

  2. I really love the plaid flats! I'm tempted to order them because my black and white polka dot glad have seen better days and those would be a good replacement. Let us know how comfortable they are!

  3. Those flats are so cute, but I think the elephant sweatshirt is my favorite!

  4. I haven't tried le tote yet. Right now I'm in the midst of giving stitch fix a try. My second fix was almost an all five keeper, but one skirt that I loved just didn't fit at all so I decided to send three things back. I will have to read about your le tote experiences. There's only one other blogger I know that was trying it out on a regular basis and I don't necessarily give her opinion a ton of credit as much as I like her style. You I trust.

  5. You will get a TON of use out of those black ankle pants so I say they are well worth the money! I'm hoping you like that military jacket because I can totally picture you wearing that all the time. It would work well for work and for nights out!

  6. A solid pair of amazing fitting black ankle pants is such a great investment! I wear mine allllll the time, and am looking for a new replacement as they are starting to show their wear! How are you liking these new ankle pants?


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