Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Le Tote #2

After some awesome luck with my first tote, I was really excited for my second tote. While this tote also had a few items I loved, it also had more duds.

The Ava Noelle Mesh Sweater (seen above) was my favorite from this tote, but the Noir Luxe Sophia Topaz Earrings (seen below) came close behind. I wore the sweater Friday night to a department event, Monday afternoon for a lunch date, and Tuesday for teaching. I mentioned on Friday that I was especially excited about one piece. It was this sweater. I had almost thought about possibly buying it... but the $58 price tag made that decision an easy one: heck no. I may, however, ask them to send it to me again in the spring (it would look great with white pants, or olive pants for a wild card pairing).

I also really liked the Camilla Stone Drop Necklace (seen below)- the pendants holding the stones are able to slide up the necklace; I originally had them spaced out more, but they slid down as the day went on and I forgot to fix them for pictures. The earrings were also really neat; I have always wanted to try cuff style earrings. That's one thing I really like about Le Tote: you can try out new trends without having to commit to them. (I also like that I got to try Le Tote at a discounted rate; you can save $25 on your first month of totes if you sign up through my referral link.)

 Outfit #1 (left): 
Earrings: Le Tote (exact)  //  Sweater: Le Tote (exact)  //  
Jeans: LOFT (option)  //  Flats: via Target (exact)

Outfit #2 (right):
Necklace: Le Tote (exact)  //  Sweater: Le Tote (exact)  //  
Pants: LOFT (exact)  //  Flats: via Target (similar)

I don't have any other outfit pictures to show you from this tote... but I do have comments about the other items...

I asked for the black dress in lieu of a jacket because we were having 70+ degree weather and I thought it would be easy enough to wear. It was way too short and somewhat chinsy. While waiting for the tote, summer weather left, and was quickly replaced with fall weather. I couldn't even get the tunic dress over/past my shoulders. I triple-checked to make sure that they didn't send me a triple extra small. They didn't. I thought about requesting it again in a (much) larger size, but that would probably be a waste. The maxi dress was something I intended to pair with a denim jacket, but it just looked weird on me. It was too big in the chest, and a little big in the waist. I think I'm done requesting dresses from Le Tote. They're either ridiculously short, or the sizing is wayyy off. 

Even though I'm not 100% satisfied with Le Tote at this time, I'm going to wait to reach a final verdict until after my next tote. So, Le Tote, if you're reading this, please deliver the goods. Knock it out of the park. 


  1. This sweater is pretty and I do love the necklace. Sounds like you are having fun with the pieces and I am sure as they get to know your style better, your items will be better.


    Hope to see your Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  2. I could have warned you about that black dress. I got it in one of my totes and it was so disappointing. Looks cute in the pictures, but just cheap and short in real life. This sweater is pretty, though!

  3. When I tried Le Tote last fall, it was hit or miss. Some of the products were amazing and some I didn't even bother wearing. Lots of the dresses were too short on me too. That blue sweater is adorable though! Too bad the price is high.

  4. That sweater is so pretty on you! It's too bad about the dresses not working out! Dresses are so hard to find ones that fit right. Grr

  5. Oh my gosh, I love that necklace!!!


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