Tuesday, October 6, 2015

lady bear

Did you know that 'lady bear' is an expression? (It refers to a female officer of the law.) I did not know that until today. I also did not know that 'loaded for bear' is an expression, either. (It's a synonym for 'angry'.) Nor did I know 'hot enough to burn a polar bear's butt' is an expression (although I correctly figured it was equivalent to 'very hot'). I guess you learn something new everyday. Or in this case, three new things. 

One thing I do know is that the term 'lady bear' sounds like a much better alternative to 'bear lady'. In the same way that cat ladies get a negative vibe, I'm sure bear ladies would, too. 'Lady bear', however, just sounds sophisticated and classy.

Dress: Anthropologie
Cardigan: The Limited
Necklace: Forever 21
Flats: Steve Madden via DSW


  1. That dress is the cutest! I absolutely love the print!!

  2. your too cute. I'm hosting BBCA(blogging for breast cancer awarenees) again this year. Feel free to come by and link up.


  3. I think I might love that dress almost as much as you do! I love when you wear it you lady bear, you!

  4. I love this dress more and more every time I see you wear it. Lady Bear is a cute saying. It kinda sounds like a girls high school team too.

  5. I am now curious how you learned all those things! Love when you wear this dress! You always look extra happy in it!

  6. I had a friend (of an older generation) who would say "loaded for bear," but his usage had a different meaning ... he would use it to mean having something in abundance or being well-prepared. What a fun dress!

  7. Nice to see that this dress is still your favorite :) it really is a cute one!
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    Thank you soooo much : )


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