Thursday, October 8, 2015

how to get away...

...with wearing a tee to work

Step 1: go for it! Pick a tee, any tee. It might be harder to get away with wearing a graphic tee to work, but I'll tackle that in a future post. I highly recommend J. Crew Factory's drop shoulder tee.
Step 2: work bottom. Balance the casualness of the tee with a more professional piece, like slacks or a pencil skirt. I chose my new tech stretch ankle pants.*
Step 3: cohesivize. co-hee-sih-vize: to make cohesive. I don't believe two different styles will balance each other out alone; something needs to bring it all together. That something could be another layer and/or an accessory.**

*In my September Budget, I mentioned that I'd be deciding between these ankle pants and a pair from Old Navy. I decided on these, and will provide a review soon explaining why.
**If you work in a more professional setting, you may want to opt for heels or neutral flats. Since I feel more comfortable teaching in flats and have been over-wearing my black flats, I opted for purple flats.

Do you ever wear tees to work? Do you have any additional tips or recommendations for wearing a tee to work?

Scarf: J. Crew Factory | option
Tee: J. Crew Factory | exact
Ankle Pants: LOFT | exact
Flats: Old Navy | option


  1. Usually if I'm wearing a tee, especially a graphic tee, I throw a blazer on top and make sure I'm doing nicer looking accessories. If I'm doing a graphic tee, I try to choose something with non-offensive words or a design instead of something like Mickey Mouse.

  2. I like the word cohesivize. And I wear tees to work almost every day, but work is mostly at my house, so you know, not really the same thing. And I like your outfit.

  3. I wear t-shirt here and there to work. I love this simple outfit

  4. I always add a sparkly statement necklace to go with a t-shirt look!


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