Friday, October 9, 2015

Five x Friday [vol. 2]

1. The Detroit Zoo has stopped selling bottled water. (So cool!!) They're the first zoo to do so.
2. Life with dogs, from morning to night {via}.
3. Fall weather hasn't officially hit yet, and it's probably a good thing. Otherwise I'd be able to justify buying this blanket scarf.
4. I've had my eye on this blush vest since it first came out. Now it's finally on sale, but still more than I'd like to pay. Should I splurge or should I take my chances playing the waiting game? 
5. One week ago, I bemoaned missing out on this elephant sweatshirt. Persistence paid off. After checking the site over and over again, it came back in stock. It should be here tomorrow!!

Scarf: via Target | option
Top: The Limited | last worn
Ankle Pants: Gap | full length
Flats: J. Crew Factory | same style


  1. That's super cool about the Detroit zoo! And about the pink vest, how would you feel if you never got it? Super bummed? Than splurge!

  2. That to cool about the Detroit zoo. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love in MI and had no idea about what the Zoo did. So cool. I just now read that article. Crazy how a bottled water costed 3 bucks, too! I also checked on those links for the blanket scarf and the elephant sweatshirt and I love them both. I need that blanket scarf in my life. Why did you enable me? LOL

    Cute outfit today, too. Hope all is well. I haven't heard from you in ages.

  4. Love reading the story about the Zoo, they knew it would cause revenue loss and did it anyway. I worked at the Phila Zoo as a teen and there were no straws because they always made their way to the animals. Good to see the Detroit Zoo making an effort to stop harm to animals and the environment. Kudos!

  5. Hey that vest is on sale with 40% off right now! That should help! And yaya for the sweatshirt to come back in stock!! Great persistence. Those dog pictures made me laugh. I've never had dogs but I can just picture them doing this!

  6. The first time I ran into the no bottled water deal was at the grand canyon, which was an issue, because I didn't know I should bring my own bottle! I tried to buy a bottle of pop or gatorade, but all the vending machines were empty! I finally bought a gift shop water bottle and used it, but that seemed gross, because normally I'd wash that before drinking out of it! Great story, Andi!

    Also, I like your outfit. Talk to me about these shoes. I want them in black. Do they run pretty true to size? I have the sylvia pumps in an 11, but they are a little too big. I just noticed they have half-sizes, but the 10.5 is backordered!

  7. Hooray for no plastic water bottles at the zoo! Sustainability for the win! :)


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