Wednesday, September 23, 2015

grieving in grey

I'm really behind on posting outfits. This is the first outfit I wore after our cat, Jade, died. The first week without her proved to be difficult in so many ways. I don't really want to dwell on all of the details, but rather talk about one unexpected difficulty: getting dressed. When it came time to put on my teacher clothes for the first time after Jade died, I broke down. I can't tell you how many times I would find her in/on/under my clothes in the past. But she wasn't there. And she never would be again.

I must have changed my outfit ten different times that morning, each time, throwing a fit. It felt wrong to try to look put together, as if I was trying to pretend her death never happened. It felt wrong to wear color, as if I were trying to present myself as happy, when I was far from it. I finally made it out the door in neutrals, but only because I couldn't call in sick.

Sorry for the somberness of this post; I'm still grieving. [Right before this photo was taken, my husband asked if I wanted to go out for steak and potatoes. I love love love steak and potatoes.]

Cardigan: The Limited (c/o sister-in-law) | option
Top: The Limited | option
Pants: J. Crew | exact
Flats: via Payless | save, splurge


  1. It always hard to get over a lost one.

  2. It takes a long time to even begin to heal your heart. Darker colors like black and grey are ones I reach for too when I am feeling down. I do love those flats. Can't believe they are payless!

  3. Isn't it weird when the sadness decides to hit? I hope you are finding each day easier. And eating plenty of steak.

  4. It will take time to work through your healing heart. Jade was a big part of your daily life and hope the sweet memories will help you through this process. Love that your hubby knew how to make you smile with taking you out!


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  5. Aww Kate. I'm so sorry that you're hurting so much. I think wearing neutrals matches perfectly for the current somber point in your life. You sure have a great husband who knows how to make you feel better :)


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