Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Budget Rewind: September 2013

  • cargo/military/utility vest: $24 - This is one of those pieces I bought because it was trendy, but I've managed to make work. At least twelve times on the blog, plus the times I wore it traveling/on vacation. 
  • bear dress: $50 - When I first saw this, it was $100. I came *this* close to buying it, because, let's be real, if this doesn't scream me, what does? Luck was on my side when it went on sale, my in-laws came to visit and took us to the big city, and there was an Anthropologie with my size in stock. This is definitely one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I just wish I had more ways to style it.
  • lariat/tassel necklace: $8 - I bought this as a cheaper alternative to some popular necklace that a bunch of other bloggers had. I'm not sure why I don't wear it more.

Mostly good purchases?! This mus be some sort of record for me! In my budget rewind for September 2014, I told future Kate to stop buying items just because they were trendy. But now I have to give past Kate a pat on the back, and tell future Kate to take some cues from her. 


  1. Way to go, past Kate! You are making up for my September of shame in 2013!

  2. You did make some great choices! I have a similar vest and wear it all the time!

  3. Have you ever worn the green vest over the bear dress?


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