Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fitting Room Reviews: LOFT

LOFT is currently holding their friends and family event. Get 40% off everything using the code SHAREIT. Even though I'm trying to take a break from shopping, I still enjoy trying things on. Here are some of the pieces I tried on: 

I really liked the flecked tee when I first tried it on, but the longer I had it on, the more I realized that it was too oversized. Going down a size made it too tight in the shoulders. The striped skirt, however, is perfect. Earlier in the summer I bought a similar striped skirt from J. Crew Factory, but ended up returning it because it was too constricting. This one feels better, but I probably would have tried going a size up had it been available.

LOFT crew neck tank in champagne spritz, size S
LOFT trousers (maybe these?), size 6

When I first walked by these tanks, I thought "how stupid to have a seam running down the front". The next time I walked past them, I picked one out to try it on, and I loved it. It's soft and affordable ($15 with code SHAREIT) and they come in five different colors! Unfortunately I didn't take note of which trousers these were (other than in the Julie fit), but I think they were the custom stretch trousers. The inseam was too long which would require hemming for anyone 5'7" or shorter. They would have been a great replacement for my second favorite work trousers (second to The Limited's Exact Stretch) which are starting to see their final days.

LOFT wavy pointelle stitch sweater in plum preserve, size S/M

I'm not sure if I'm wearing the small or medium version of this sweater in these pictures. I typically wear small tops at LOFT, but the medium was much more comfortable in this sweater. While I adore the color, I can't say that it's anything terribly exciting. Let's not talk about the pants. While I went with my usual size (4), these were terribly unflattering. There were no other sizes available in store.

LOFT stichy boatneck sweater in whisper white, size S
LOFT navy pants (maybe these?), size 4

I loved everything about this sweater except the way I felt in it. I felt like it just sat on me. I think it could work really well paired with skinny jeans or maybe even leggings on a non-pear shaped woman. I liked the pants, but they were too short and they gapped when I sat down. Again, I wasn't paying attention to the style so I'm not sure which ones they are, but I'm guessing these?

"Candied orange" is one of my favorite colors, so I had to try this top on. It seemed perfect in theory: a cross between a tee and a sweatshirt. But the sleeves were too tight and I didn't like the way it hung. The elephant shorts are my own, purchased from LOFT earlier in April. Somehow this is the first time they've made it on the blog, but I've worn them countless times this summer.

I also tried on this teal top. Meh. Clearly I didn't find it special enough as I didn't bother to take a picture of it. The swing back top would have been great had they had my size in stock. The crane swing back top really drew me in for some reason. Of the three non-photographed items, it was my favorite. I'm sure I would have found more favorites had the store not been wiped clear of most items in my size.

Have you bought anything from LOFT's friends and family event? I'd love to read (or even better - see!) your purchases, so please share! 


  1. I bought the stripe skirt and I am still on fence about keep it. I do love the texture and the buttons but just not sure I really need another skirt. I have a birthday certificate to use so I will probably stop by a store this weekend.


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  2. I actually have never gotten anything during the sale, but might have to check it out! I need a new pair of white pants. I really like the skirt you tried on! It's so cute!

  3. ooh, this makes me want to venture out to Loft. Surely if I keep trying to go shopping, eventually baby will get used to it, right??

  4. Oh I really like the sweaters and the skirt. It's funny how I went to LOFT just last week and got totally different items to try on. I'll be posting my review this weekend!

    Roxi -

  5. Hey,
    feel free to check out my latest post on consumerism and the documentary you recommended :) I would love to know your opinion!

  6. I thought your post on the documentary and consumerism was really interesting and you seemed deeply affected by it. While I appreciate that you posted these photos just as reviews and are not purchasing the items, I note you are still using affiliate links. I'm truly not asking this to be snarky, I'm just honestly curious how you reconcile your thoughts on wanting to stop consumerism and spending in light of the documentary you saw yet are still using affiliate links in your posts, thereby making a profit if others click on the links/purchase the items? I know tone is hard to get across online, so I am reiterating that I a genuinely asking as a fan of your blog and not being nasty.

    1. This is a really good question, and I appreciate that you emphasized that you were not being snarky about this question. In short, I'm selfish and have student loans I'd like to pay off before I'm 40. But seriously, I'm the kind of person who needs to sit with ideas for a while before I can come to an official conclusion... so while for now I think minimizing the amount of new things I bring in is the correct course of action for me, I'm not ready to proclaim that this is the way that my readers should behave. (As an ethics instructor, I struggle with whether believing that action X is right implies that I am obligated to have others believe that X is right and/or to do X.) I've only thought of affiliate links as a simple "I get a couple of cents when you click this link" -- rather than "you should buy this!!". I have always seen myself as "just another blogger" rather than as a role model or any kind of moral authority. I think ultimately the key is *moderation*, and so I don't see a discord between getting a few cents for clicks (I don't get anything extra if someone buys the items) and cutting back on shopping. Give me some more time to mull this over, and I'll try to find a more coherent way to articulate my ideas.

  7. That striped skirt is adorable! If you decide to buy it, I bet you'll get a ton of use from it. That pointelle sweater is GORGEOUS! The color and looser knit is beautiful for fall.

  8. I'm still just so jealous of those elephant shorts!


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