Sunday, August 30, 2015

Budget Rewind: August 2014


  • (#3) F21 safari earrings: $2.50 - My go-to gold earrings for the past year. (I'm terrible with getting jewelry shots on the blog, but take my word for it.) Still in great condition - especially relative to F21 jewelry. I'm super happy with this purchase.
  • (#4) F21 hippo necklace: $2.50 - Worn a good amount ... at least enough to justify the pocket change spent on it. 
  • (#5) F21 elephant necklace: $2.50 - Love love love this necklace. Need to wear it more. How have I managed to neglect it so much in 2015?!
  • (#6) Birkenstocks: c/o Mom - One of my favorite shoes I own, no doubt. You will rarely see them on the blog because I don't try to make them fashionable. I wear them when I'm running errands, taking out the dogs, and (gasp!) sometimes even to campus on days I don't teach.
  • (#7) JCF love tee: $15 - The only reason this tee hasn't gotten more wear is because I spent too much time trying to preserve it in some kind of pristine condition. I'm over that now.
  • (#8) F21 green necklace: $6 - I'm so happy with this necklace. Admittedly, I did buy it because I saw it on another blogger (Fran and/or Danielle?), but it is such a great necklace. The price tag just makes it that much better.
  • [not pictured] chevron necklace: $11 - I had a chevron necklace on my 2014 wishlist, and while it wasn't exactly what I had in mind, I'm pleased with this purchase.


  • (#1) Groopdealz necklace: $13 - Meh. This purchase was most likely inspired by seeing this necklace on every blogger and their cousin. I definitely could have done without this. And I know now that Groopdealz is a big weak spot for me; I can't go on the website without purchasing something... and that's why I've stopped going to the site.


  • (#2) JCF necklace: $19 - It hurts to recall that I spent $19 on this necklace. It's not that I don't love it, but it's just that it's so hard to style. It's too fancy for my lifestyle, and it's too clunky for my taste. If I could get a reasonable amount from a consignment shop, I'd sell it for sure.

If only every shopping month looked like this! Actually, I think it was this month that made me take a step back from buying jewelry. But when I think about it now, Forever 21 really is my place for jewelry. Yeah, it's not going to be the best ever, but you're not going to get anything better at their price point.


  1. I definitely remember seeing outfits with a lot of these pieces--so that's a good sign! I so wish I had bought that green necklace when I had the chance--definitely a wise purchase in my opinion!

  2. This rewind post makes me want some new necklaces! That green one is gorgeous!


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