Monday, August 31, 2015

Budget Rewind: August 2013

  • Banana Republic giraffe sweater: $8 (after store credit and coupon) - This is one of my favorite sweaters. The only reason it doesn't get worn more is that I always feel like I need to wear it with something other than navy. But after two years (and only wearing it six times), I'm starting to think it's okay if I wear it the same way every time (although I'm open to suggestion!).
  • J. Crew Factory herringbone vest: $58 - I absolutely adore this vest. I was nearly dissuaded by the price, but after two years and plenty of wear (more times worn off the blog than on), I can get behind spending this much.

  • J. Crew Factory blue heels: $33 - I really like these heels, but have only worn them three times in two years. That's pathetic. In any other case, I might categorize these as a bad purchase, but I had spent months looking for blue suede heels prior to finding these. If I hadn't bought these, I'm sure I would have bought another pair (that also gets overly neglected). 
  • firework necklace: $28 - It seems like every month I buy one thing that was prompted by seeing it on other bloggers. Even though it's a great statement necklace, I'm not convinced that it was worth the price. 

  • Forever 21 peplum top: $10 (?) - This top is actually in my pile of stuff to send off to ThredUp. I just can't make peplum work. Moral of the story? You can appreciate something and think it's the bee's knees. It doesn't mean that you have to buy it and/or that it will work for you. 

Not a bad month overall. I'm sort of just in disbelief that I only bought five things, and still like four of them. Now I just need to get to wearing these things more!


  1. The giraffe sweater is probably my most envied of all your clothes! I just want to steal it! But even if I did, it's probably too small so my crime would just be pointless!

  2. I really love that giraffe sweater! It'd be cute with any colored bottom or skirt if you wanted to switch it up. But it looks great with navy too!

  3. I love these posts. I should really keep better track of exactly what I buy each month. Have you tried the giraffe sweater with olive? I remember you getting a cute pair of olive pants.

  4. Actually, that peplum top is my favorite of these items on you! I like it belted and think it looks super flattering on you. I totally understand the weirdness of peplum tops though. I'm a pear shape so I feel like they just make my hips look bigger. I like Danielle's suggestion of wearing olive with that giraffe sweater. Maybe a colorful scarf too?

  5. I was going to suggest exact what Danielle did--I bet your olive Pixie chinos would look great with the giraffe sweater!

  6. I'm with Lauren - I LOVE the peplum top on you - it emphasizes your tiny waist! But, if you don't feel great in it, it doesn't deserve a spot in your closet :) I'm ever-so-envious of that's perfect :)


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