Friday, August 28, 2015

August Budget

1. Target black heels: $19
2. Joe Fresh shirt via Plato's Closet: $4
3. J. Crew blouse (NWT) via ThredUp: $18
4. Forever 21 cardigan via Plato's Closet: $2
5. Old Navy shorts: $5
6. J. Crew gingham shirt: $28
7. LOFT utility blouse: $21

= $97

(#1) I grew tired of looking like a baby giraffe taking its first steps when I wear heels. These have a 2.5" inch heel and are actually manageable. I have had mid-heel black heels on my wishlist anyway, so it's a double win: staple and wishlist item.

(#2 & #4) I had a coupon for Plato's Closet and of all the things I tried on, couldn't walk away from the flannel shirt and striped cardigan. A print cardigan has been on my wishlist for this year, so it's a triple win: thrifted, great deal, wishlist item.  

(#3) I sent some stuff off to ThredUp last month, made some money, and placed an order. This is the one piece I decided to keep. (Post about the order forthcoming.) I really do love it, and am especially looking forward to throwing it on with a pair of black pants for teaching (once the weather settles). (FYI: You can get $20 shopping credit just for signing up!)

(#5) Recent and gradual weight gain over the years means that I need to replace some of my basics, including white shorts. After the success I've had with Old Navy's soft shorts, I've come to realize I need to only buy shorts with roomy legs. I'm happy to have a pair of white shorts that fit.

(#6) I try to avoid J. Crew just because I can't afford half their stuff. But every now and then their additional % sales on clearance items get me. Particularly, this gingham shirt got me. Now if only the purple one would go on super sale.

(#7) Wishlist item found! I've wanted a soft white blouse for well over a year, but have never found the perfect one. (Specifically I wanted one that buttoned up all the way, was long enough, not too sheer, and was affordable.) Enter LOFT's utility blouse. I highly recommend it and would buy another if I ever needed one.

After an incredibly rough session of summer teaching, I felt I deserved a treat. So with a birthday coupon in hand, I went to The Limited and bought some great items (this red skirtthis pendant necklacethis sleeveless top, and the pink blouse). Go figure a few days later, I had buyer's remorse and/or realized I didn't love them enough to justify keeping them.

I also had a birthday coupon to spend at DSW and originally got these flats, but they were just too bright, so I exchanged them for these floral heels instead. I really did like them, but I'm trying to stop buying things that I will (realistically) only wear for work.

All in all, I'm satisfied with this month's purchases. Of seven items, three were thrifted and two were from my wishlist. I'm going to try to limit shopping in September, but I know I'll want and need another pair of black stretchy work pants. I ordered these from J. Crew and am incredibly impressed with the quality and fit, but if they stretch out any more, then they will be too big. So do I take the chance, or do I go with Limited's Exact Stretch (which I know to be a solid choice)? 

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  1. I love the Loft utility blouses! I'd been looking for button up shirts for ages, but none had thrilled me yet, until I stumbled on a Loft utility blouse on Poshmark.

  2. Love the heels you got this month. Have a great weekend.

  3. well, I usually find if I have an ounce of thought that I should return something, I probably should, so I'd recommend you return the blouse and shoes. But of course, they are cute! SO you know... Good job at ThredUp and Plato's. I always look at Thredup and never like anything.

  4. These are great finds! I love the thrifted items. As for the pants, can you leave the tags on and wear them a full day to see if they stretch out? Otherwise, if they have any stretch to them, that will stretch out in time and you'll be bummed. If they aren't that much more expensive, I'd go with the pants you already know you like!

  5. Great finds! You've reminded me that I should give Plato's Closet another chance one of these days. Looking forward to reading more about your ThredUp order!

  6. I'm pretty sure I've said it before, but I'm seriously inspired by the thought you put into the things you've purchased well after the fact to consider returning. If I think about it, I only return things that don't fit or are just plain bad. I should start putting more thought into what I get to see if I really need it. (That being said, I LOVE the pink blouse you got! But if you aren't feeling it, take it back!)

  7. those floral heels are so great! me thinkey i need to browse dsw, it's been a while. i really admire that you put so much thought into your purchases and want them to be versatile for work and life. i don't think i do a good enough job at that... especially where footwear is concerned. you'll never see me in heels or wedges on the evenings or weekends but i love wearing them to work!

  8. Great job this month! I love that top from thredUp! I can't wait to see how you wear it!

  9. I just did some damage at DSW with some rewards coupons :) I love shoe shopping! And I really love that blush pink blouse...perfect for a splurge!

  10. You've been a huge source of inspiration for me in returning things if they're not 100% a great fit for my life and style. I really love the white utility top you found - I'd love to try out a similar top - I only have an old, sheer button up and a tee shirt for solid white tops...I really want another like this! :)


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