Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Budget

1) stone drops necklace: $15.50 (orig. $52.50)
2) field jacket: $54 (orig. $135)
3) white tee [worn here]: $11 (orig. $34.50)
4) striped tee: $18 (orig. $30)
5) magnifique tee: $8.50 (orig. $45) [EDIT: RETURNED]
6) soft shorts [worn here]: $13.50 (orig. $27)
7) drapey drawstring pant: $8.50 (orig. $78)
8) navy flats: $29 (orig. $98)

= $149.50 (orig. $455)

I'm kicking myself in the shins for not holding out a little longer for some of those JCF items - a couple days after I bought them (final sale), a new promotion came along and the prices were even further reduced (wah wah). On the bright side though, I still got some great deals. Obviously the field jacket was the best deal this month (after the drawstring pants which I essentially got for 89% off).

The soft shorts and white tee are my favorite purchases of the month (so far). I have already gotten a lot of wear from them, and with the end of summer teaching comes more flexibility in my wardrobe options. (Read: I plan to live in the tee, this striped tank, the soft shorts, and these elephant shorts.)

I bought these purple flats with the intention that they would replace my current purple flats. While I loved the price tag ($10!) there was something about them that I just didn't love. The same thing happened with these coral flats. I got them for a great deal ($13) but didn't argue with myself when I told myself I was going to return them. I also ended up buying and returning this zip sweater. It seemed great in theory, but the zipper made the sweater fit oddly.

I'm still on the fence about this black vest. $30 seems like the price I'm going to have to spend if I want a black sleeveless blazer. As much I adore sleeveless blazers right now, I'm concerned that it's going to be a purchase I end up regretting down the road. Thoughts? Input? 

This budget report doesn't include items that are in the mail, including an Old Navy order (this scarf, this cardigan, and this dress - all pieces which will be great for the upcoming season), and a J. Crew order (this top). I almost bought this dress, too, but I'm already so over budget that I couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe next month?

As you may have seen, fall items are starting to hit the shelves. I smell temptation, and I'm scared. Any suggestions for staying strong and avoiding shopping?

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  1. I don't have a ton of temptation to buy fall stuff. I'm not so much a shopper as I am a bargain shopper. I know there will always be a sale soon, especially at JC and JCF. Plus these temperatures-- oy. Spend a little time outside around noon in pants and long sleeves. That should cure it.
    Seriously though, if I go to stores to look and try on, I leave all forms of payment hidden in my car. Not my purse or wallet, but forms of payment. If it's something I really want, I'll go out to my car and get it. That walk back to the car (especially in a mall) is a huge deterrent.
    I'm in love my my pair of the flats like that from JCF. They're so comfortable and have just the right amount of pizzaz.
    I think I commented on the shorts post when you wore them, but if I didn't-- I'm going back to get more of those suckers. They're amazing. I'm getting rid of all my others and getting those.

  2. I'm not ready for fall yet so I'm trying not to look at what's coming out. So far I've avoided the JCF sale too but now I want those drawstring pants!

    Doused In Pink

    1. If you do get the drawstring pants, I'd recommend sizing up... at least if you want a more relaxed feel. My usual size was just too tight on the thighs.

  3. I have seen that J.Crew top you ordered on two bloggers. The Polynesian print with the neon orange beads is so pretty. Love the new things you got coming from Old Navy. All 3 are perfect especially the camo floral dress which I can see as great for Fall and even can be layered and worn with dark tights come Winter. Love items, 2,5, 6 & 8 you got this month though. I could use a field jacket and a graphic black tee. =)

  4. I so not ready for fall yet. With the black blazer vest. I would say to get it. I brought on 6 years ago. Which I have got a lot of use out of mine.

  5. Fall is so not on my radar yet, but I'm slowly starting to be tempted by transition pieces. As far as what you got this month, I want all of those things, k thanks.

  6. Well, I love everything you got. Seriously. Can I come borrow a few things?
    That field jacket is such a good buy--I know you'll wear that a ton. Those navy flats are really cute. I could use some navy flats, actually. Wonder if they have my size...
    I am very ready for fall--I've already got booties and scarves on my wishlist!

  7. There were so many cute items in stores recently, but I feel like I need to enjoy my summer before looking forward to fall! It's hard when there are so many cute things though! Great score on that jacket!

  8. I have not gone to the stores and just enjoying the summer has really helped with wanting to buy things for fall. You got some great deals this month!


    Would love to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  9. Glad you got the soft shorts from Old Navy! Aren't they fab?? I much prefer summer to fall, but I will say that I find my shopping temptation and enthusiasm to be greatest right when the season changes. Knowing that I spend a lot at the start of the season and then lose interest later sort of helps with guilt? At least that's what I'm telling myself :)

  10. Too bad you missed out on the further reduced sales :( Will they not do a price adjustment on final sales? Either way, I think you did really well.

    As for avoiding the fall stuff... I've got nothing. I fully intend to jump in head first!

    1. They will only do price adjustments for full-price purchases (but seriously, who ever buys anything at JCF at full price?!). I was even on the phone with customer service recently for an unrelated issue and tried to get them to make the adjustment, but no go.

  11. You scored some GREAT deals this month! Those bow flats are so cute. How do they feel comfort-wise? I've been eyeing the nude pair for a long time but they don't look great to walk in. Those soft shorts were a great purchase!

  12. Oooh, Kate! I really love that field jacket - it's definitely going to be a staple for you, I think! :) I got really out of the habit of browsing online during my year of no shopping, and it helped me stay away from spending all kinds of money. Just taking the temptation away was all I needed to avoid buying things I didn't really need. I also was able to stay strong when I was in stores, even if I tried things on, by asking myself, "Do I LOVE this? Does it fit PERFECTLY? Will getting dressed be easier or more fun because I have it? Will I regret this purchase in a couple of months?" Most of the time, my answers to these questions guided me into leaving the items in the dressing room, and it has been a strategy I've been using this summer as well.


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