Friday, July 3, 2015

double stripes

I'm not one for print mixing, but there was something about the stripes on stripes combination that drew me in and made this outfit a thing. Or maybe I was just so eager to wear my new tee that I didn't even care what I paired it with. I actually bought it online for $20 because I liked it that much. When I went to the store to return other items that didn't work, this tee was on clearance for $15. With a 60% off clearance items discount and my student discount on top, it came out to $5. I was tempted to buy a few, but instead bought the necklace (for $10). I feel like there should be a name for two great deals in one go. Suggestions?

Necklace: J. Crew Factory
Tee: J. Crew Factory | exact*
*take 20% and get free shipping today w/code HOTSALE
Skirt: The Limited | option


  1. Love the graphic t-shirt paired with your maxi skirt. Great look!


  2. I love the stripes on stripes! There should definitely be a name for super discounts like you got! Double discount? Dual deals? They just don't sound cool enough. I'll keep thinking! ;)

  3. I love this tee! I might have to make my way to the outlet mall soon and see if I can find any fun deals!

  4. Oh I really like the effect that the two stripes make. I like the shirt a lot!

    Roxi -

  5. What a steal for that adorable t-shirt and necklace. I love how the double stripes look too. It is done in such a cool and subtle way. =)

  6. Ok, I don't usually like graphic tees but that one is my exception. I'm a sucker for palm trees and love the subtle blind-like stripes. So cute! The double stripes work well in this outfit.


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