Wednesday, July 8, 2015

déjà vu

Last night, I pulled a floral dress and cardigan from my closet to wear for today. I woke up to a dreary morning and somehow came up with the outfit I actually wore today. The image of my lace tee and black maxi skirt just appeared as I was making my coffee. I put them on and without even thinking twice, I grabbed my embellished sandals, a braided belt, and my green pendant. I can't tell you the last time I got dressed that quickly, let alone came up with a new outfit.

That's when I started thinking... have I already worn this outfit? I had a case of déjà vu and had to stop and make sure I didn't wear this outfit recently. (My maxi skirt archives indicate I didn't... although apparently I do gravitate towards pairing this skirt with white tops.)

I do have a serious question, though. Should jewelry match the embellishment on sandals? My sandals have more of a silver-ish embellishment (better seen here)-- so is it weird or wrong to wear a necklace with a gold chain? 

Top: The Limited | similar
Necklace: Forever 21 | option
Skirt: H&M | save, spend
Sandals: via Target | exact


  1. I've kind of wondered the same thing about matching shoes to jewelry. All my sandals have gold on them. Maybe this is justification for me getting another pair of sandals now! ;) This outfit turned out so cute! I like the combination of neutrals and a colorful necklace!

  2. I think it's okay to mix match gold/silver now days. Especially since they are so far apart, you are good!


    Would love to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  3. I don't think you need to match your jewelry with you shoe. My rule for my self is to match my jewelry with my outfit and glasses that i'm wearing at the time. Also you can never go wrong with black and white combo. It such a classic color combo.

  4. Oh I'm so embarrassed for you with non-matching accessories!!! Kidding! I don't think it matters at all. And if someone notices and judges you, well, it's probably just a good way to filter out jerks.

  5. This outfit is so pretty! I love the black and white look with the beautiful necklace which gives it a certain old fashioned touch :)

  6. This outfit is so nice! I think the gold and silver works in the case because the silver matches with the black and white thing you have going on, and that way the necklace really becomes the statement piece and adds the perfect amount of color!

    Roxi -

  7. It's not weird at all! I'm a little weird when it comes to matching metals on my necklace and earrings but sandals--it's fair game! Apparently there isn't a set rule on matching metals anymore but I still tend to match them regardless. Aren't those quick outfits the best? I tend to like those more than the ones I take a long time thinking about!

  8. To be honest, if you hadn't mentioned that the embellishment on the sandals was silver and the chain on the necklace was gold, I probably wouldn't have even noticed. I think it may be because the sandals themselves were a cognac colour, which steers to the warmer side of things anyway, and since they kinda match the belt they're more eye catching than the embellishment itself? I don't know. All else fails throw on a mixed metal bracelet and make it intentional ;) Love the outfit!


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