Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Budget Rewind: June 2014

  • Old Navy skirt: $17 - While I didn't get as good of a deal on this skirt as I did on my first striped skirt from Old Navy, I'm on the way to getting my money's worth. At first I was reluctant about spending almost twice as much on this one as my first one, but I haven't thought twice about it. (If you don't have a skirt like this, I strongly recommend that you get one!)

  • J. Crew Factory sweater: $22.50 - While it hasn't gotten much wear, this sweater is my favorite color, and has been part of some of my favorite outfits of 2014. I really wish I lived in a climate where I could wear this more often during the summer. 
  • J. Crew Factory sweatshirt tee: $17 - What started out as an impulse purchase has turned out to be a good piece for when I want to mix things up. I'm still on a mission to find new ways to wear it, so if you have any suggestions, throw them my way! 

Hooray! A month with no bad purchases! Hopefully there will be more no bad purchase rewinds in the future.


  1. Yay for no and item for the month.

  2. A budget rewind--how smart!! I was just thinking how I want to revisit pieces I bought in my (almost) year of budgeting, but doing it your way (month by month) seems far less overwhelming!

  3. OK that gray tee would look great with you B+W geo-print pants and the yellow floral flats with or without a blazer like your hot pink one. Also same gray tee and floral flats with your new coral skirt (#14) from your June 2015 shopping. And also any of your Old Navy striped pencil skirts with the gray tee, a fun patterned colorful scarf and some pumps for work. I am full of style ideas today. I should try some of these too lol.

    Happy 4th, Kate!

  4. I love it when rewinds aren't shameful!! Good job, 2014 Kate!

  5. First of all, don't wish you were in a climate where you can wear that sweater more often in the summer. I think you will just have to trust me on this. ;) Second of all, you did a great job last year in June. Solid purchases that are very versatile!

  6. Oh striped skirt + gray tee together!

  7. No bad purchases? That is a good month! 3/4 length sleeve sweaters are SO cute but hard to style since you have to find a day that's cool enough for a sweater but warm enough for your lower arms not to freeze. The color is GORGEOUS and looks like it would play well with many bottoms options. A striped skirt is always a good purcahse.


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