Friday, July 31, 2015

Budget Rewind: July 2013

  • J. Crew chinos: $10 - 7 blog appearances + a few wears in Colorado = good purchase. If it weren't for their price, they would be a medium purchase since the fit isn't perfect. But at $10 for some quality pants, I could easily retire them next year and be content in doing so.
  • Old Navy belt: $11 - Even on sale, it was more than I would spend on a belt, but I've worn it enough so I'm content. I only wish it were slightly longer so I could belt more skirts with it. (I guess I could buy it again.)
  • LOFT floral skirt: $5 - How could I pass up a $5 skirt in such a cute print?! Maybe because it was petite? Maybe because it was final sale? But no. (I'm bummed it isn't fitting me right now.)
  • Target flats: $15 - 48 blog appearances in two years? I would say I have gotten my money's worth. And these aren't even close to needing to be replaced. If you're looking for a pair of go-to black flats, I highly recommend them.
  • LOFT floral shorts: $10 - I can't believe I regretted buying these the moment I walked out of the store (they were final sale). I absolutely love LOFT's linen shorts, and can't believe that they've only made it on the blog a few times. 

  • The Limited ponte dress: $54 - A birthday splurge. I almost bought it at full price, but could only hold out to get it at 40% off. I don't wear this dress that much anymore, but that's because it's a little tight on me these days. But I absolutely loved the way I felt when I would wear it.
  • Forever 21 maxi: $?? - It was probably around $20. I probably didn't need it, and don't wear it that often, but it is perfect for those incredibly hot days (which is when I wear them, and also when taking blog pictures is the last thing on my mind). 

  • Target fedora: $9 (c/o Mom) - I just don't know how to wear hats. I feel like the only times I would wear a hat is when it's hot, and when it's hot, I don't want to spend much time outside. So either I wear my hat indoors (which seems weird) or I don't wear hats at all. 
  • Old Navy striped dress: $24 - There are too many significant problems with this dress. The drawstring. The length. The fit (at least these days). I have such a hard time resisting anything with stripes on it.

I got some really great deals this month. I would feel much better about some of these purchases if they fit me as well now as they did when I bought them. At least I'm in a place where I'm comfortable getting rid of things that don't fit... so come spring, it will be a quick hello or goodbye to those pieces.


  1. I hate it when items I still like don't fit anymore! I'm with you, ready to just get rid of things that don't fit, but I'm making myself wait a couple more months to see if things even out a bit.

  2. You got a lot of great deals and it sounds like quite a few of those items have paid off in your closet and then some. Those floral shorts are always cute on you!

  3. Ugh, I hate when things don't fit me, either. I'm getting to the point where I feel okay about getting rid of some things that don't fit me anymore...but I do have a few items that I just have to hang onto "just in case" they'll fit again soon. My floral LOFT linen shorts are one of these items! They ALMOST fit, but not quite :(


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