Monday, June 29, 2015

June Budget

1) R2D2 tank: $16 - It's R2D2. Apart from the Ewoks, R2's my favorite Star Wars character. [EDIT: RETURNED]
2) JCF striped photo teeoriginally $42.50, on super clearance $5 - I was ready to spend $20 on this tee (and I did in an online order). When I went to return a bunch of other stuff, I found this one for $15 - 60% - 15% student discount. For $5 I was tempted to buy a bunch more (you wouldn't believe how huge the stack of tees was!).
3) JCF endless summer teeoriginally $39.50, on sale $15 - I almost bought this tee from J. Crew last year, but it was final sale and I wasn't ready to spend almost $30 on it (including shipping). When I saw it on J. Crew Factory's website, I bought it right away.
4) Joe Fresh x JCP linen tee: originally $29, w/coupon $15 - I'm on the fence about this one. I love the idea of it, but it feels meh in person. Maybe pairing it with a pop of color would do the trick? [EDIT: RETURNED]
5) Pikachu teeoriginally $20, on sale w/coupon $2 - I have wanted a Pikachu t-shirt for years. I can't tell you how many times I almost bought one from Hot Topic, but the $25 price tag dissuaded me time and time again. When JCPenney sent me a $10 mailer (and I couldn't find anything else in store that piqued my interest), this tee was mine.
6) JCF teddie sweateroriginally $64.50, on clearance $19 - Impulse purchase, not gonna lie. I'll make it work... though I may have to wait until September for it to cool down enough first.
7) JCF eyelet sweatshirt: originally $79.50, on clearance $24 - Another impulse purchase. At least I'm honest, right? It'll be easy enough to wear with jeans or a skirt. [EDIT: RETURNED]
8) The Limited shirtdress: originally $80, on sale w/gift card $16 - Summer employment in a hot climate means lightweight clothes. This shirtdress fits the bill for comfort, staying cool, and looking work appropriate. I'm just not sure whether I need another dress that will inevitably get neglected in the fall and winter months.  [EDIT: RETURNED]
9) Target floral print scarf: originally $15, on clearance $5 - I had my eye on this scarf and was just waiting for the day that it would get down to a reasonable price. In the mean time, I saw this alternative from Target on clearance for $8 and waited for it to get down to $5.
10) Target tribal print scarf: originally $15, on clearance $5 - When I found the above scarf, I was tempted by a bunch of other $5 scarves. I couldn't resist this one. [EDIT: RETURNED]
11) Target embellished sandalsoriginally $23, on sale w/coupon code + gift card $7 - I probably don't need another pair of Target sandals, but the few pairs I have from years ago are on their way out. These will get plenty of wear, so I'm fine with the purchase.
12) JCF amelia flats: originally $98, on clearance $25 - I'm not sure whether I'll be keeping these or not, just because I'm not sure how much wear I'll get from them. If you have any ideas on how to style them, send those ideas my way!
13) JCF oxford shortsoriginally $44.50, on clearance $13 - My mom bought these same shorts for me in yellow last year. I love them, and they work better for my body now than Old Navy's twill shorts.
14) JCF geometric jacquard skirt: originally $88, on clearance $26 - I was really tempted to buy this when I first saw it, but couldn't justify spending almost $100 on a skirt. By the time it dropped (to $60), it was final sale. I gambled on this one since it was final sale when I bought it online, but I can see myself wearing it enough in the future. (A little hemming might be necessary.)
15) JCF jersey maxi skirt: originally $69.50, on clearance $21 - I've wanted to add another maxi skirt to my collection for a long time, and I see myself more likely to wear this one than any bold color instead. The only downside is its length. I guess when the description says "falls to floor", it really means "falls to ankles". [EDIT: RETURNED]
(not pictured) JCF dragonfly necklace: originally $57, on super clearance $10 - I wanted both this necklace (see it here) and this one (in coral), but I decided on the former because I saw myself wearing it year-round.

= $127

Obviously I went overboard this month. I got some early birthday cash, and I honestly just wanted to give my closet a face lift. I'll write more about that in the future.

I also blame this month's budget on J. Crew Factory's sales. I placed a huge order earlier in the month, and believe it or not, I've already returned a lot of things from that order, including these floral flats, these canvas flats, this tweed skirt, and this square scarf. (The floral flats were too big, and the canvas flats were just meh. The tweed skirt had too much glitter/shimmer in it. I had high hopes for the square scarf, but when it arrived, it was navy. I thought it was black. I already have a navy scarf, so I passed. (Part of me is still hoping that this scarf will go on super clearance some day.))

I'm still on the fence about this pencil skirt. I love the colors of this one, but I already have two striped skirts. Do I really need another one? And will I get as much wear from it as I do from the other two? The same goes with this scarf. Do I really need another scarf? 

Hopefully school will keep me busy next month so I won't do as much damage. How did you do this month? 

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  1. Darn those J.Crew sales. They got me this month too. You definitely got a variety of items this month. All those fun tees!

  2. I spent so much time perusing the JCF site and adding things to my cart and then closing out. The sales were tempting! But now I can't even think of what I left behind so obviously I didn't need to buy anything. I'll have to come back when I'm on my computer because it's hard to see things and harder to click on links from my phone. But it looks like you got some good stuff. I kind of want that r2d2 tank!

  3. Eep that J.Crew Factory skirt is on my wishlist! Does it run TTS? I hate buying final sale and not being able to return things!

    Love that you went for the Pikachu shirt -- definitely a good decision!

    xo nicole

  4. You are typically so good about only buying a couple items a month though there are bound to be months you spend a lot more. I really like the scarves and I've been debating those sandals (although I definitely don't need another pair either).

  5. I am SO in love with your R2D2 tank and Pikachu tee! NERDS UNITE!! (I say this because I just spent like two hours deliberating what I want my Harry Potter tattoo to look like and where exactly I want it on my body.)

  6. I have the same mint Target scarf, but haven't worn it yet - can't wait to see how you style it!

  7. you got so many fun t-shirt this month.

  8. I love those Target sandals but have some similar ones from last year without the embellishment so I won't allow myself to buy them! I also love that geometric skirt!

  9. It looks like a month filled with graphic tees. I am missing graphic tees from my wardrobe. I would pass on the scarves you like since I know you own plenty nice ones. But I would most definitely get that pretty, chic, versatile gray-striped skirt. It would look so good with the yellow floral flats you got, especially if you add a white, ivory, pink, coral, yellow, periwinkle or baby blue top to the outfit. I can picture that outfit looking stunning, what do you think? Also that shirtdress from the limited is so chic and lovely.

  10. Also the skirt from number 14 would look great with the flats from number 12. Just add a white blouse, plain white tee or white graphic tee like any from 1, 2 or 3 above and voila you got yourself some cute outfits. I hope you try out any of my suggestions. =}

  11. Yay you bought the sandals! I loveee that geometric skirt. I can't wait to see how you style it.

  12. JCF was good to you this month! You got so many things for a steal, items that I'm sure you'll get a ton of use from. They are mostly neutrals which will make for easy pairing. I'm SO glad you chose the yellow and grey floral flats. They are so pretty. I bet they'd look great with stripes--either a striped tee + grey or yellow skirt or striped skirt + solid tee. They are pretty light colors so you could pair them with just about anything. Maybe not floral pants as you would look super busy on bottom!


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