Saturday, June 27, 2015

Budget Rewind: May 2014

  • H&M floral scarf: $13 - Awesome purchase. This is one of my favorite scarves. While it's only been on the blog four times, I know I've worn it more than that, as I took it on vacation once, and have worn it at least three times in the same outfit over the past few weeks. Whoops. 

  • Gap gingham shirt: $15 - I got suckered in to thinking that I was getting a great deal on this shirt. Since it's a really light pastel mint color, I don't reach for it in the winter. It's really just too short. I suspect I'll try to wear it a couple more times before sending it off to consignment.
  • BC flats: $30 - I've only worn these a couple times. Their color makes them so hard to wear. I really should have put more thought into these before buying them. [ETA: I took these on vacation and ended up wearing them on our non-strenuous walking days. I feel slightly better about them, and think they could make their way up to a "medium" purchase in the future.]
  • Gianni Bini jacket: $48 - I hate that I don't wear this jacket more often, but it's too restricting to teach in, and since it's cropped, it's limiting. I've seriously been considering trying to sell this one to eBay.

Honorable mention:
  • Target triangle dress: $15 - I got this dress because I had passed on another triangle dress from another store and thought it would be an adequate replacement. I ended up returning it because I didn't love it.

This is probably one of my worst budget recaps in a long time (or maybe I'm just being too critical?). I remember vividly when I bought the three items that ended up in the "bad" section. I had this thought that I shouldn't worry about price and just buy whatever I like. That philosophy just doesn't work for me. Price does matter to me because it ultimately ends up determining how much guilt or buyer's remorse I'm going to have. Oh well. You live, you learn, right?


  1. I live that jacket so much! It's a bummer that it isn't quite right. And yeah, the shoes are a tricky color. I hope you end up wearing them more!

  2. I have a slimmer gingham shirt and don't wear it that much. H&M has amazing scarfs.

  3. Why are the cutest jackets so restrictive?? That's why I don't wear them too often, they are just not as comfy as a sweater or sweatshirt. It's super cute on you though.

  4. I've always loved that Gianni Bini jacket on you! I'm actually on the hunt for something if you do end up selling it, I might have to check it out :)

  5. What a bummer that you haven't felt great about most of these purchases :( I'm glad you are feeling like the scarf was a good purchase, though - it's one of my favorite things you have!!


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