Friday, May 15, 2015

playing favorites

Last Wednesday I debuted my new favorite top (LOFT's striped rib trim tank). I can't get over how much I love this tank. (I only wish it photographed better than it actually does.) After that post, I started thinking about focusing more on my favorites, even at the expense of the rest of my closet. 

An outfit that started as just a top quickly became a top and bottoms when I thought of my newest pants. It was too cool to wear just the tank and pants -- I needed another layer. I had already worn these pants with black before, and wanted to try something new. My old navy cardigan quickly came to mind. Now normally I'm not one to pair black and navy, but I figured I could get away with it this time. (The stripes on the tank are black.) 

Let's not talk about the footwear though. I must have tried on ten different pairs before settling on this one. I think it's finally time that I get a pair of cognac flats. What do you think? What shoes would you suggest for this outfit?

Tank: LOFT | exact
Cardigan: Old Navy | option
Pants: Old Navy | exact
Sandals: via Payless


  1. Never thought to pair navy and olive together. You pick prefect shoe for this outfit.

  2. I try not to mix navy and black either but the stripes are so small on your tank, I would never notice the "clash". Your tank looks perfect with your new olive pants! This outfit is just a winner all around. I think you'd get a lot of use with cognac flats. I've been eyeing the Lucky Emmie flats for awhile now but feel like I should get a colored pair first--either coral or red. Fran and Audrey wear their cognac flats a lot and they look great! I'd say get them.

  3. Love the navy and green combo.


  4. I think the black and navy work well in this outfit. There is such a small amount of black you hardly notice it! I like the extra color it adds too. I think a navy and white striped top would be too matchy matchy.

  5. I love navy with olive, always and that striped tank is the best. a very simple but super stylish outfit.

  6. i think this is a great outfit made of staples that all pair nicely together! and it's made even better that they're a bunch of favorites. i probably would have leaned toward navy flats to match the navy cardigan (machy mcmatcherson) but i really like the sandals you chose! i get a lot of wear out of my cognac flats though so i bet you would too!

  7. I actually really like black and navy together (when it's done right), and I'd say you did it right here. It doesn't look like it clashes at all! I'm a huge fan of navy + olive + cognac together, and this outfit is no exception. Also, I fully support your desire to get a pair of cognac flats. I looove mine and wear them all the time :)


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