Wednesday, April 1, 2015

three four one

1. When Whitney announced that she and Carrie would be hosting Create28: Lovely Spring Looks, I decided I would hop on board. It's been a while since I've done a month long challenge, so we'll see how this goes. The prompt for today was "pop of pink". It's hard to know when a pop is no longer a pop, but I decided that it would mean one pink item.

2. When Sarah announced that she would be hosting the Top Ten Remix Challenge, I wanted to jump on board. But then I realized I had already jumped on board for Create28. Can I be on two boards at once? Only time will tell. But for today, yes. [One of my ten is my grey piped blazer. Other nine TBA.]

3. This outfit was inspired by this pin {via Fizz and Frosting}. While I appreciate her additional touches, I felt like keeping it simple and forgoing a belt and necklace. In hindsight, I should have worn earrings. 

Blazer: via Target | similar, option
Top: The Limited | option
Skirt: The Limited | similar
Heels: via Payless | exact

[linking up with Lindsey, Shanna, and Liz]


  1. okay, I really love this look. And I hope you are successful playing both challenges in April! I somehow missed Whitney's announcement, and my delayed post schedule makes that tricky anyway. It sounds like a fun one, though! Oh, and bad news - the shoes that I ordered from Target arrived today, and only 1 of the 3 worked out! So I will be returning the sandals and the striped flats. No idea why the sandals didn't work, since I have the exact same style/size in cognac from last year.

  2. I love this look!! Also, you're the best at pulling inspiration from a ton of different sources!

    Something About That

  3. This look is definitely a winner! I really love that piped blazer.

  4. You did an amazing job balancing the pop of pink with that blazer and blouse! So polished, I love it :)

    Roxi -

  5. I love this with the polka dot blouse. Good luck with these challenges, I am horrible at restricting my wardrobe since I just want to wear what I am not suppose to wear.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  6. I kind of sort of want to do both themes/challenges also. Plus I got my own challenge coming up Fridays this month. Oh Man. For my pops of Pink today I chose a Hot Pink Blazer and I am also styling a Pencil Skirt. I think you\d like the outfits. =)

    You look great for the first day of the challenge. I adore your blazer, Kate.

  7. I seriously love this look. To me it looks professional and fun all in one outfit :) And I actually like that you kept it minimal without accessories, but that's just me!

    Rachel Lately | Austin Style Blog

  8. This is such a chic outfit. I like your blouse a lot! The challenges sound good and I am curious to see all the outfits to come :)
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend with lots of yummy things and sunshine :)

  9. Good luck on your challenges this month! I bet you could do them both, at least most days. Don't you just feel partly naked without earrings? If I'm not picking out a necklace from my jewelry hanger, I tend to forget earrings. Nothing too special about empty holey ears!

  10. I'm so behind on blogs right now that I totally am out of the loop of the Create28 challenge that Whitney and Carrie are doing - however, I may borrow some of the prompts for future reference and outfit planning :) I did, however, come up with my 10 items for the Top 10 Remix on Sarah's blog, and I'm eager to get that going. I really like this outfit on you, by the way. That pink/coral skirt is so pretty!

  11. I think I like it more without the belt and necklace too. With the color and pattern there is enough interest already. It turned out really cute on you! I love the way that top looks with your skirt!

  12. Love a good piped blazer! I've been thinking I want a white one with black piping but now I'm thinking maybe gray because it is super cute and, let's face it, way more practical for klutzy me.

  13. Love a good piped blazer! I've been thinking I want a white one with black piping but now I'm thinking maybe gray because it is super cute and, let's face it, way more practical for klutzy me.

  14. Broken record over here is going to say it one more time: you rock a pencil skirt so well.

    I was hoping you'd hop on the 10 things challenge. Woot woot.

  15. love this! i don't think you need a necklace or belt at all since there is already so much visual interest with the polka dots and contrasting piping on the blazer. you look great, kate! and i admire you for jumping into two challenges at once!


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