Thursday, April 2, 2015

sleeveless blazer debut

For yesterday's post, I decided that the Create28 prompt "pop of pink" meant "one pink item" (i.e., a pink skirt). For today's post, I decided that "pop of pink" means "a tiny bit of pink" (i.e., a covered up pink top). Today's post also marks the debut of my sleeveless blazer a.k.a. longline vest

I've had my eye on sleeveless blazers for a while now. They didn't make any sense to me when I first saw them in the dead of winter, but now that spring is here (and summer is just around the corner), they make sense. In a blazer, I would have melted (it was 80 degrees!). Without this vest, I would have just been wearing a tank (albeit a fun one with a slit back) and jeans. But add a vest, and bam, I'm fancy. 

What do you think of vests / sleeveless blazers like these? Would you wear one? How would you style it?

Sleeveless blazer: Forever 21 | exact
Pink top: Old Navy | same in black
Leopard belt: via Target | almost exact
Jeans: The Limited | ankle, cropped
Flats: J. Lo via Kohl's | option

Oh, and just for fun, this is what the other sleeveless blazer that I ordered looked like:

Way too costume-y (curtain-y?). And wrinkly. But if that's your thing, you can buy it here


  1. I have been a bit obsessed with vest like this. I bought a trench dress last year that I wear as a vest and got a black one this year. I like this on you and that last picture is too cute - it doesn't even look like you.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  2. HAHAHAHA. That last picture. It kills me. Also, I thought of you when I saw a sleeveless blazer at Express today. Now that I see you in yours, I really want one. It really does make so much sense. It's like the cargo vest's fancy older sister who lives in NYC in a posh loft. Sometimes, I like to give clothes story lines. The leopard belt seals the flipping deal, by the way.

  3. That last picture is my new favorite!! I'm on the fence about vests in general, but I do like what you've done with this one. Maybe you'll wear this so many awesome ways and convince me to try it!

  4. Bahahaha, your face in that last picture is totally cracking me up!!! I'm not sure I could do the whole sleeveless blazer thing - I'm much more into regular vests - I really want to get a moto vest! I saw one at Target that I totally wanted, but they only had it in XS in the store, which was a total NOPE for me, hahaha.

  5. hahaha LOVE that last picture. Hilarious!! And I'm loving this on you, but I would have no ability to pull it off. Keep styling it to convince me I need it, though, okay?!

  6. I think this is super cute on you! I am not sure if I could pull it off though just because I am kind of short. I love the way you belted it to give it more shape!

  7. Ohooo I love that sleeveless blazer/vest and today admired another similar one on a different blogger. It must be belted IMO though. Love the pop pf leopard there and such cute flats.

  8. that last picture doesn't even look like you!! so funny. i have absolutely no idea how i would wear this vest but i love how you are wearing it here! i've never even heard of a "longline vest" before reading this post. maybe every week you can send me an email of new fashion trends and their definitions (or a picture) so i am not always so clueless about things.

  9. The first outfit is very cute! The second vest just reminds me of a lab coat without sleeves on haha

    Roxi -

    1. That's exactly why I returned it! It looked nothing like the picture online.

  10. loving the sleeveless blazer - especially paired with the leopard belt!

    xo, Maddy


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