Tuesday, April 14, 2015

review: LOFT tres jolie tee, tweed stripe sweatshirt, et. al

While I can easily resist LOFT flash sales, I can't resist free shipping. Originally my plan was just to order this graphic tee, but then... well... LOFT happened.

I was most excited about this graphic tee, and it turned out to be my least favorite item in this haul. Cons: The fit in the shoulders, the placement of the 's' (too off center and too close to my armpit), and the pulling between the words and the neckline. Pros: um... the length? I ordered this tee in a small, but I don't think that a medium would have fixed the problems. Ultimately, this tee did not live up to its message: it was not trรจs jolie. Bummer, because I had such great plans for it. (But realistically it's not like I need another graphic tee. Unless it's this one?)

I remember seeing this sweatshirt on another blogger and thinking that it would be a great addition to my closet. Nope. Just no. It is overly cropped (at least for my 5'7" self). Husband liked it until I raised my arms and the whole thing went up and revealed my belly. Sure, I could constantly pull it down and readjust it so that it would sit even with the bottom of my tank top, but not for the price I paid. Easy decision: return.

While I adore the Lou & Grey line, I somehow managed to only order one piece this time around: this striped sweatshirt. I loved it at first, but within a few minutes of moving around, the sleeves quickly wrinkled. Raising my arms revealed my tank top, which was a major drawback for me. Why can't clothes just stay in place when I move around? Whenever I try a top on, I pretend to write on a chalkboard to determine whether it would be classroom appropriate. I'm on the fence about this one. Are the drawbacks offset by the cuteness factor of the sweatshirt? Do I need another sweatshirt? What if it doesn't look like a sweatshirt? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

I saw a blue sleeveless top at Target, fell in love, and then had my heart broken because it was too too short. So when I saw this top, I thought it could serve as a replacement, and do much more. It's got this cute "mesh" detailing along the side in navy and the entire back is white. The top is popover style (doesn't button all the way down). I ordered a small, but I think I could have gotten away with an extra small. I felt like it was too frumpy (especially when tucked in), but my husband disagreed. I haven't yet decided whether to keep this one, exchange it for a smaller size [which would be a hassle as it is an online exclusive], or return it all together. 

And finally, the world's most perfect striped tank. Obviously meant to be paired with my new espadrilles and/or olive pants. Unless I get buyer's remorse in the next 45 days, this one is a keeper. I ordered a small, and probably could have gotten away with an extra small, but since I plan to wear it casually, I am fine with the looser fit. I love the length and that it is a silkier material. I rarely ever wear tops without a tank or cami underneath, but would probably forego it in this case (although I would wear a nude bra instead of black).

What do you think about these pieces? Did you take advantage of LOFT's recent sale? Or any other sales? I also have an order from Old Navy and J. Crew Factory on the way, so I'll try to get another review together in the next week. I'm intrigued to find out whether these sneakers and these pants work out, so stay tuned! I really do enjoy review posts, so feel free to include a link to your review post in your comment!

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  1. I'd return the striped sweatshirt - it seems kind of boxy on you, and I bet you could find a cuter option. I'm on the fence about the blue tank - it's so pretty! Maybe try the smaller size? But YAY for that last one - it does look pretty perfect!

  2. I agree with Andi--I think I would try the smaller size in the blue top, and the striped tank is definitely a keeper! I, too, really love review posts like this one!

  3. That stripe tank...I think I need this!! I did get suckered into the sale and ordered some dresses. I got chambray blazer which was a big disappointment because it wasn't lined and it was too thin for my liking.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  4. I spent so much while on my trip I've been avoiding sales (or trying to). Love the two tanks you got though! I have that same problem with looser tops. I can't decide if I need to size down or they look good as is. From these pics, they are cute on you! I would probably try a XS in the blue though, just for comparison.

  5. I love how neat and thorough your review was. I would just keep the 2 tanks, though the color blocked one needs to be smaller. I was recently at an Old Navy and nothing I truly wanted or needed, including the Pixie pants looked good on me. No luck at The Limited or Gap either, but this year I have found great things from TJ Maxx, Lord and Taylor, Zara, H&M and Nordstrom.

  6. When I saw their latest sale with free shipping, I had a feeling you'd be placing an order! I couldn't find anything I absolutely needed so I didn't try anything. I totally agree with your opinions of the pieces you got. I'm not a huge fan of the striped sweatshirt--at least the fit of it. It looks a little big on you. Do you have a LOFT near you? I think the two tank tops are cute but could be sized down. They overwhelm your frame I think. If you can, I think at least comparing the two sizes would be beneficial :)

  7. i definitely had that striped sweatshirt in my loft shopping cart when they were offering a ridiculous 70% off promo, but i could tell it looked cropped on the model and figured it would be even more cropped on me. bummer, too, as i love the texture to the stripes and actually didn't mind the drop shoulder effect when usually that style really makes me go, huh?? i'm glad you posted a review of it so i can stop pining over it!

  8. I love when bloggers do reviews! Great post.

  9. The blue tank and the striped tank are total winners - I really hope you kept them both! I placed an order at LOFT when they had that massive sale, hoping for shorts, but alas, I am in between sizes and they all looked stupid on me. I did just place an order at Old Navy to use up the last of my rewards and get some new skirts, tanks, and another one of those t-shirt dresses (because why not have 3 of the same dress...hahaha). I'm eager to receive them all in the mail and see if they work out! I'm feeling inspired to write a review post like this for when the order comes in :)


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