Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Make it Work: parrot top

If this outfit looks familiar, that's because it is. I have a love/hate relationship with my parrot top. I love the colors and the print, but I hate how difficult it can be to style. I looked through my archives to remind myself of other ways I've worn the top. Pants and shorts are out of the question for a teaching outfit on an 80 degree day. I've worn it once with a skirt and loved how that turned out. So, I used that outfit as inspiration for today's outfit. 

Fashion tip of the day: Use yourself as inspiration. Do you love how you wore an item in the past? Figure out what it was that you loved about that outfit and do it again.

The last time I wore this top, I paired it with a navy-ish skirt and an oatmeal cardigan. I really liked the way the top looked with navy and oatmeal. Surely the same color combination would make for an equally great outfit? (Meh - I like the original version more.) I kept the accessories the same mostly because I didn't have time to experiment with other accessories, and I needed to incorporate one of my top ten items into this outfit. (Today's top ten item: teal wedges.)

On a side note, how do you tuck in a flowy shirt and not look ridiculous? Leaving this top untucked was not an option, but tucked in looked weird. Is it the cut of the skirt, the shirt itself, or is it just me?

Cardigan: The Limited | option
Necklace: Forever 21 | option
Top: LOFT | option, option
Skirt: The Limited | option
Wedges: via Target | option

[linking up with Laura]


  1. I love the way this turned out! I love that you just wore it opposite of last time. It it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? And I think your shirt tucked in is just fine.

  2. I'm not sure I like the black cardigan with this, but I love the rest. Especially the blue shoes with the pink top and khaki skirt.

    1. I just saw that the cardi was navy, so I don't dislike it as much any more, haha :)

    2. Now that I look at it more, I think a light color cardigan could have worked, too.

  3. I have the same issue with flowy tops--they look weird tucked in, but it looks sloppy untucked.
    As always, I love those parrots!

  4. I also have that same issue with flowy tops. I find sometimes it's best to tie the front in a knot, but that doesn't always work. I do love the print of this top, and the skirt! It looks similar to the one they have at Gap right now.

    Something About That

  5. I love this shirt and wished I was 20 pounds lighter so I can use mine again. I like this paring and think half tuck is best with looser fitting tops.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  6. I love how this outfit turned out! And what a great way to pull the color from the parrots with the shoes.

    Roxi - www.persianfrenchie.blogspot.com

  7. Your nail polish goes perfectly with your outfit! Haha is it weird that I noticed that?

  8. This is your best of 2015 (thus far). Love the necklace and top! Loooooove this outfit so very much! Wish I had a skirt in that style and color and a similar top to try it myself.

  9. You must be losing your marbles because the shirt looks perfect (wish I could put a thumbs up emoji here) tucked just this way.

  10. I don't see it looking weird at all... I'm glad you're giving this top another go. It looks quite good on you! I'm thinking of doing something similar where I take an outfit from the past and change a little something about it to make it better. New series perhaps?

  11. Actually, I think this looks absolutely adorable. You did a great job of using yourself as an inspiration! :)

  12. i love how this turned out - i don't see anything off about it. the skirt fits you great and the shirt looks fine tucked into it as far as i can see. the pattered top is fun and the solid cardigan and solid colored skirt help anchor it, and the teal wedges bring out some of the color in the pattern. i may have left off the necklace just because it kind of competes with the pattern, but i love this look, kate! have you worn it with jeans yet?


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