Monday, April 6, 2015

challenge fail

I know I said last week that I was excited to participate in two challenges at the same time, but that excitement faded over the weekend. The best explanation is that I came up with a bunch of outfit ideas that didn't include items from my top ten, and I didn't want to wait for days they aligned with the prompts to wear them. 

So on a day when I needed to run some errands, I said "sorry challenges, I do what I want", and what I wanted to do was wear my beloved triangles/arrows sweatshirt and new espadrilles. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I also wore this outfit on Friday and the previous Saturday. And I'm pretty much living in this sweatshirt when I'm at home. This is one of those items that somehow doesn't make it to the blog much but gets a lot of wear off the blog. (Does that ever happen for you?)

Maybe I should have just included this sweatshirt in my top ten. I had it in there until I looked at the weather, saw a slew of 80 degree days, and figured I wouldn't get to wear it. I guess I was wrong.

Sweatshirt: J. Crew Factory | option - only $4!
Exact Stretch Pants: The Limited | exact
Espadrilles*: via Target | exact

A note about the espadrilles: I originally bought 1/2 size smaller than usual. Then I exchanged for 1/2 size bigger than usual. There was minimal difference between the two, but I'm glad I sized up so that I won't have to worry if my feet swell. Also, I've worn them a handful of times yet - no sign of falling apart yet as other reviewers have claimed happened with theirs. However, I did get a small blister on my big toe the first time I wore them. I did a lot of walking that day. Ultimately, I chose a $20 pair from Target rather than investing in a pair because I didn't see these as a shoe I needed (or even wanted) to last me through the years. As long as I get my money's worth, I'll be happy. By the looks of it, I will do both things before the end of the summer.


  1. hey, why make yourself wear something for a challenge if you'd rather wear something else? Especially when you have such a cute outfit to wear anyway! I guess that goes to the question of are we blogging to wear clothes or wearing clothes that we like and then blogging about them?

  2. Challenges are just that: challenges! They're not all going to be easy, that's for sure.

    Anyhow, I really love that sweater. The print is so pretty and I love that it's got the metallic detailing.


    Something About That

  3. I love that sweater and I can totally relate to what you say about pieces that you wear all the time but which do not make it on the blog so often. I have that with a few pieces of mine.
    Dont worry about the challenge, enjoy your outfits instead :)

  4. I think challenges are a great way to come up with new outfits to wear, not to keep you from wearing other outfits you love. I've been considering these Target espadrilles for some time, thanks for sharing your experience with them!

  5. That sweatshirt is so adorable! I would definitely be wearing it all the time too. lol!

  6. I think that the purposes of challenges are to help us out when we need a little inspiration or pick me up. It doesn't seem like you need that right now so you go girl! I can't wait to see what outfits you've been coming up with!

  7. I've been wondering about those shoes, so I am glad you shared! I have almost bought them online a few times but they didn't have my color preference. Also, this is the sweatshirt that April was wearing in Parks & Rec, right? I love it so much! Totally worth wearing it and screwing the challenges :)

  8. Those shoes + that sweatshirt are amazing!!! And if a challenge isn't working for me, I drop it. I'm not too attached :)

  9. Just call this sweatshirt your honorable mention for the top ten since it clearly suffices. It's fun and neutral all at the same time, which is a pretty difficult thing for an item of clothing to do. Good job, sweatshirt.

  10. I'm glad to hear those flats are treating you well! I was going to at least try them on in my local store but they were completely sold out in my size in all the colors. Oh well. I'll just have to watch you style them.

  11. You do you, Kate! I'm still keeping up with the Top 10 challenge for the most part (although I haven't gotten dressed the past two days because I'm super sick, haha), even if I've done a crappy job of documenting my outfits so far. But I have absolutely bowed out of challenges before if they aren't working for me. I do love this outfit, by the way. That sweatshirt is so dang cute, and I love how you cuffed your pants here too!

  12. I've been wanting espadrillas for a while now..I tried a few at Old Navy and they were okay, maybe I'll try to give these Target ones a go. Very cute!


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