Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Budget

1. Old Navy denim shorts: originally $25, on promotion $17 [EDIT: RETURNED]
2. LOFT striped tank: originally $45, on promotion $22
3. LOFT elephant shorts: originally $50, on promotion $30
4. Forever 21 sleeveless blazer: originally $23 - online coupon code = $21
5. Target sandals: originally $23, on promotion $17.50 (part of BOGOHO) [EDIT: RETURNED]
6. Target espadrilles: originally $25, on promotion $19 (part of BOGOHO)
7. Kate Spade handbag: (future) gift for passing comprehensive exams

= $92

Apart from the gladiator sandals, I'm loving everything I bought this month. (I'm still undecided about the sandals. I blame it on the lack of sandal weather.) Yeah, I spent way too much, but I've been doing well this year so far (less than $50 each month) so a splurge month was in the cards.

I haven't changed my mind about the purchases I made in a recent LOFT haul. I tried to order the mesh shell in a smaller size, but four days after I received my order confirmation, I was informed that the item was sold out. So frustrating. Now I'm trying to decide whether to keep the one I have or send it back. I'm probably going to send it back since I just don't love it the way I love the striped tank from the same order. (I wore it twice last week.)

I'm also not sure whether to keep the LOFT elephant scarf. It smells so terrible. And I probably don't need it. Plus if I'm keeping the shorts, do I really need the same print in a different item? (No, and that's why I didn't even order the tee or cardigan -- although if the cardigan weren't sheer, I'd be tempted.) 

On a whim, I ordered these floral sneakers from J. Crew Factory. Terribly uncomfortable and stiff. I honestly couldn't see myself wearing them that often. When I saw these flats online, I thought they were a better alternative. The verdict is still out (in the mail) for whether they're keepers or not.

I also put an order in with Old Navy, but it was a flop. These jacquard Pixie pants didn't fit. This seersucker shirt was... meh. I accidentally ordered this top in a Tall, and it was just too Tall. I'm holding out for another free shipping day, because we know that I don't need to be tempted by another $35 worth of stuff just to get free shipping.

I can't say there's anything that I have my eye on next month, although I have considered getting my sleeveless blazer in black. Also, it will be a different story if this scarf goes on super sale or if this bucket bag goes on super-dee-duper sale.

How did you do this month? What did you buy? 

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  1. I over spent this month as well. love the white vest you got.

  2. I love the two shorts you got! I am preparing my budget post right now. I did not spend much, basically because I was too busy preparing for the baby and then giving birth ;)

  3. You found some adorable items this month, especially your lucky was-meant-to-be bag. If that scarf smells weird, you could just wash it in a delicates bag and hang it to dry to get the smell out. I wash all the scarves I thrift that way and they all turn out great (and musty smell free!).

  4. Those elephant shorts are SO cute! And your bag will be super versatile. I love the tote bag look. You can fit so much in!

  5. I've been eyeing the elephant print tee, and I actually thought of you when I first saw it. Can't wait to see how you wear the shorts!

  6. that elephant print stuff from Loft is tempting me so hard right now. I might have to stop into the store tomorrow and see if they have the tee (ugh, I just searched in stores and it's only available in the farthest away Loft, which I am not driving to). Maybe I should make the baby buy it for me for mother's day. I wonder how sheer the cardigan is in person, too. I will vote for you to send the scarf back. It's cute, but the shorts are cuter and you prob don't need both. And especially if the scarf smells weird.

    I saw a really cute elephant scarf at Francesca's a couple months ago and I keep thinking about it. It was a lot different than my current elephant scarf, but like, how many elephant scarves do I need? Also, I mean, this one on Amazon is way cheaper and I think cuter than the Loft one. (

  7. Well you already knowing how I feel about white vests sooooo #4 I CLEARLY approve of!
    The Adored Life

  8. i love the mossimo ona flats from target since they come in so many different colors and textures, but i've found i almost need to order 1/2-1 size up because they are so "scrunchy" and pinchy. i wore two pairs of my ona flats this week and my feet did not appreciate it so it's clear in my mind! however, i love the black and white striped pair!

  9. You found some great things this month! Those elephant shorts are so cute! I have those Target espadrilles and I absolutely love them! They are so comfortable!

  10. Love everything you got this past month - my favorite purchases of yours all year. Hope things slow down for you soon and thanks so very much for your e-mail and birthday wish today. A great surprise which I appreciated a ton!

  11. I loooove those elephant shorts, Kate. I have been a huge fan of elephants since I was a little girl and I'm bummed because I lost my elephant necklace! Dumb. I am always on the hunt for more elephant accessories, though :) Also, that striped tank is spot on.

  12. I'm curious about the Loft elephant scarf. I've seen it pictured a few places and it looks different every time! Is the blue a bright blue or a deeper navy blue? Is the accent color red or fuschia? Are the elephants outlined in the red/fuschia or is it just on the ends? How delicate is it? Would it be highly prone to snagging? Also, do you think the smell would go away with washing? Sorry for all the questions--like some of the other commenters, I adore elephants and want to make sure I'll get something I'll love. I don't live anywhere close to a Loft store and I'm debating whether to purchase online. thanks!


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