Friday, April 17, 2015

10 things v.2

1.  There is only one male Northern White Rhino left on earth. 
2. Poachers kill 96 elephants every day - that's one every 15 seconds. Recently an elephant killed one of these "professional game hunters".
3. The second teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode 7 was released yesterday. I'm actually looking forward to the movie.
4. Just when I wanted LOFT to have another sale so I could try this mesh shell in a smaller size, they go and do just that (40% off w/code SHAREIT). Now should I also get this elephant tee? Or should I get the shorts instead? Or the scarf?
5. I hope to get some sleep this weekend. I'll be sure to do it in a bed rather sitting upright. Take note, monkeys.
6. I'm not a vegetarian, but I tried Chipotle's sofritas for the first time this week. I like it a lot. And after one too many negative experiences with under-cooked chicken and chewy steak, I may be a sofritan. Sofritite? Sofritanese?
7. I have two soccer games this weekend. (Chipotle is food of choice after soccer.) Hopefully they won't get rained out.
8. Speaking of shoes, I bought these sandals (in cognac) along with these espadrilles (as seen here) when Target had a BOGOHO promotion. While I've committed to the espadrilles, I'm still on the fence about the sandals. Thoughts?
9. If you missed out on Target's espadrilles, J. Crew Factory just came out with a very similar version of their own.
10. J. Crew Factory also just came out with a green version of my blue ponte dress. So tempting. Almost as tempting to pair that dress with a white sleeveless vest. Luckily for me, I already have one :)

Necklace: Forever 21 | option
Sweater: LOFT | last worn
Skirt: Old Navy | save, spend, splurge
Flats: Steve Madden | exact


  1. I love this simple, versatile outfit - such a lovely soft sweater. Hahhaaa at your 2nd 10 Things list. Looks like you have (lots of) shopping in mind. I have similar espadrilles and I also think you should keep the sandals, try out the mesh top and that white vest is so wonderful, a black one would be great to own, as well.

  2. cute everything here, girl! don't know why, but i have always loved the look of a sweater with a skirt and bare legs. it just looks so cozy! i love the look of that JCF ponte dress too but i don't have any dresses from JCF and would be worried it would be too short on me.

    and thanks for sharing your experience at chipotle! i've all but written them off because they are so inconsistent. the ingredients either aren't hot enough or they never have enough peppers & onions made or the employee is stingy... i swear, every time i go to chipotle i never know what kind of burrito i am going to actually get because they're so inconsistent.

  3. That sweater is so pretty with your skirt! The espadrilles are adorable! I need to go check out Target! (not that I actually should be purchasing more shoes though...)

  4. Those elephant print items at Loft are so cute! I want that tee so bad! I'm pretty tempted to order it, but it seems ridiculous at the moment. And I don't know what size I will need this summer... I'll have to keep an eye on it! The target sandals are cute - do you like the fit/comfort of them? OH, and I really like this outfit. It's just simple, but really cute!

  5. Ohhh! Those elephant print items! I really hope you get at least one!

  6. I love your outfit! That sweater looks like you're wearing a soft puff of cloud.

    Roxi -

  7. I hope that you got the elephant print shirt! It's super cute!
    The Adored Life

  8. Ok first off, I'm pretty sure those elephant shorts were made for you. Second, those Target sandals are adorable! I don't buy sandals unless I can wear them without pain all day so I haven't tried Target sandals for that reason. They look pretty comfy though with the thicker sole. Going just on style, they're perfect. The espadrilles are a no-brainer--although you already knew that. What exactly are the sofritas? Tofu? I bet they're pretty good. I haven't been to Chipotle since last year haha. Also, I love this outfit. I pinned to copy later.

  9. Isn't Target amazing? lol! I love the necklace with the outfit. I am looking forward to the star wars movie, not as much as the Avengers, but I'm pretty pumped. They are also releasing a new Battle Front video game. If you don't know Battle Front original is a star wars game where you play as storm troopers, jedi's, darth, etc. That is all I have heard about lately from my hubby! :)

  10. Very pretty outfit! So simple but very classic :) I am also looking forward to the new Star Wars and I agree with you on Chipotle's chicken and steak... I've started getting carnitas which I much prefer. I've never tried tofu before but I bet it's good with the spices they use!

  11. hope you had a great soccer game

  12. Oh I love this outfit! The sweater is so cute and I love the mix with the necklace and the striped skirt! Really nice!

  13. SOFRITAS!!! I'm so happy there's another vegetarian option at Chipotle! I love me some black beans, but I think the sofritas are so savory and delightful :)


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