Friday, March 13, 2015

the more you know

I'm jumping on the Ten Things You Don't Know About Me bandwagon! [Alissa, Fran, Danielle]

1) I love bears, but I'm really picky about bears on my clothing. Don't just buy me anything with a bear on it and think I'll automatically love it just because it has a bear on it.

2) One of the best gifts my parents gave me was my smile. It was a result of appliances (retainers) to fix a massive overbite, braces, rubber bands, and retainers. I rarely wore my rubber bands, and that's why I still have an overbite. I seldom wore my retainers, and that's why my bottom teeth aren't that straight anymore.

3) In fifth grade, I played the cello. I hated carrying it to and from school, so I quit and took up the violin instead. I quit the violin in eighth grade. I hated tuning because I was so afraid that the string would break and take my eye out. I also played the piano off and on for years. Piano was my favorite of all the instruments I played. 

4) I studied French from 7th grade through my freshman year of college, Latin from 9th through 12th grade, and Italian for all four years of undergrad. Serbian and English are my native tongues. 

5) What do a baker, an architect, and a CIA agent all have in common? They're all things I wanted to be when I was younger. Once I got to high school, I said I would be an English teacher in Italy. Now I want to teach philosophy.

6) I spent my summer breaks in college working at a youth camp (which I went to as a kid). My mom insisted I get an internship or something that would look good on a resume. I rebelled and hung out with kids all summer for pocket change instead. I also met my husband at that camp (the last summer I worked there). 

7) While I love nearly every item from a breakfast menu (biscuits and gravy excluded), I rarely ever go out for breakfast. I hate hate hate spending money on breakfast food.

8) I'm a closet Bachelor/Bachelorette fan. It's almost as contrived as it is asinine (or almost as asinine as it is contrived?), but it's a guilty pleasure. I've considered doing weekly commentary on the blog, but my first (unpublished) attempt ended up being a long hate-filled rant. 

9) Vacuuming is another weird guilty pleasure I have. The feeling I get after vacuuming a room and seeing how clean the carpet is (no dog hair, no dirt, no dust!) is indescribable.

10) I secretly love when my husband goes out of town or won't be home for dinner because that means one of two things: stuffed crust pizza or fast food (McDonald's or Taco Bell, most likely).

Dress: Anthropologie
Cardigan: (c/o Mom) LOFT
Necklace: Forever 21
Flats: Steve Madden


  1. I always love when you wear your bear dress! Love it with the teal cardi too.
    Girl, you LIKE vacuuming?? Um please come vacuum my house any time. I hate it.
    I loveee The Bachelor too! It annoys the crap outta me but I love it anyways. I got my husband into it this season, which was the best thing ever. Ok so now that I know you watch- were you happy with Chris picking Whitney?? I was! Becca just wasn't sure of anything yet and Chris was ready for a wife and kids. I could go on and on haha.

  2. Yay, the bear dress! I secretly love when my husband isn't home for dinner because I get to eat cheese! (He doesn't eat any cheese on anything, ack!) I never thought about tuning the violin, but now that I have it sounds pretty terrifying!

  3. I'm shocked that you are a closet Bachelor fan! I think I watched the first couple seasons, but now I catch a few minutes and just want to die - it's SO AWKWARD! But I used to get sucked into all sorts of ridiculous reality TV when we had cable (which is why I never want to have cable - no self control!), so I won't judge you too much. And I'm pretty impressed with all your language and instrument skills! 2 of my great regrets in life are quitting piano, and the fact that I stopped taking Spanish in college. It would be so nice to speak 2 languages!

  4. I'm loving all these posts! Do you still remember how to speak the languages you've learned? That's quite a few, I'm impressed! Can't say I agree with you about breakfast. That's my least favorite meal of the day. I hate eggs which is a large part of an American breakfast, plus I don't really like bacon or sausage either. I know, the horror. Even as a kid, I would order off the lunch menu instead of breakfast. I'm more of a sweets person in the morning so I'm great with a pancake, waffle, or crepe but don't like to spend money on them either. Plus, I'm never up and ready to go when restaurants serve breakfast. I guess it works out.

  5. Breakfast does seem to be such a rip off especially when you can make it at home with the added bonus of being in your pajamas! I loved reading all these! Thanks for sharing! I had no idea you were such a linguist!

  6. I feel the same way about vacuuming!! Especially since my roommates never vacuum and decided to use rabbit and bird feed as ice melt on our sidewalk.... Let me tell you, all that did was cause our carpet to look like animals lived in our house. It is such a nice feeling to vacuum that darn carpet and get to put my bare feet on it once I'm done cleaning :D

  7. I had no idea that your mothertongue is Serbian! So you have your roots in Europe!? Have you ever been to Serbia?
    Your dress is super cute!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. i love posts like this so much! it is so fun to find out random facts about bloggers and find out how much we have in common with each other - i also freaking love vacuuming (i love hearing all of the junk on my floors get sucked up into the vacuum) and freaking hate going out to breakfast, it seems like such a waste of money when i could make just about any breakfast food just as easily in my own kitchen. i do, however, love biscuits and gravy! and i wish i would have worn my retainers more after i got my braces off :(. this was so fun!

  9. Wow, thats so intersting that you were born in Serbia! It must have been hard to live there... the country definetly has a sad history and so many peope had to suffer :( it must be really intersting to go back now that they changed so much and want to become part of the EU and everything. I am sure the country looks a lot different today than it did back in 2002!? When you go this Summer I would love to read about your experiences! And in case you come by Germany make sure to let me know ;)

  10. love reading more about you.

  11. I adore that bear dress, maybe more now than when you first got it! And I love the comment about when your husband is gone - I do the same thing (usually a box of mac & cheese or just cheese and crackers...or popcorn and wine).

  12. So fun to learn to learn more about you. Are you able to speak French & Latin?


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

    1. I can speak French, but our Latin course was focused more on reading and translating than speaking (since no one really speaks Latin anymore).

  13. That bear dress is adorable and I love it with that vibrant necklace. I plan join doing one of these posts. We certainly have a few things in common. We both come from Eastern Europe. We both have learned how to play violin and piano and learned a few languages. Look for my ten things post coming soon and welcome by to see my latest.

    Take care.

  14. I have a hundred things to say about this post, so I'm just going to list them out here:
    - I'm the same way about dogs on clothing as you are about bears. I'd love to have a sweater with a dog on it or a shirt with a dog print on it, but it seems like Boston terriers and bulldogs are the trendy dogs right now. I really like dogs with floppy ears, so if I found a sweater or shirt with a lab or a beagle on it or something, I'd be so okay with it. Not just any dog will do.
    - I'm so appreciative to my parents for my smile as well. I had some very jacked up teeth requiring many teeth pulled, 14 hours of headgear a day, rubber bands, braces, and expanders to correct my overbite and my crooked teeth. I really wish I had worn my retainers more, too - my teeth have moved a little bit and I feel kind of awful about it.
    - After 7 years of Spanish, I switched to Italian in college and LOVED it! (I'm still a super nerd about Spanish, too, though) :)
    - I still love that you are in school to be a philosophy teacher. Do you have any favorite philosophers?
    - I LOVE vacuuming too! It's the greatest feeling to see a clean carpet!!!
    - Also, you look unbelievably pretty and happy in this outfit!


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