Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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I'm taking a brief hiatus from posting outfits on account of not wearing real outfits. I somehow wound up with an eye infection and have been unmotivated from doing anything in public until today. On the bright side, I've had ample time to get some grading done and mull over some recent purchases.

I love the black and white print of this scarf. I can definitely see myself pairing it with neutral colored bottoms and a colorful top, or any solid colored dress, or, dare I say, with thick stripes? But do I really need another scarf? (Please tell me the answer is always 'yes'.)

I thought I really wanted this cardigan to work. If it hadn't been so tight on my arms, I would still be thinking about it. I already returned it and am glad I did -- it's a piece I would probably regret down the road.
I tried these in black as a more dressed up alternative to the joggers I already have (here).  Mine are too casual to dress up, and I would love a more dressy pair. However, they were just too tight around the ankles. (At least the reviews were helpful; size up if you're going to try them.)
When Old Navy offered 35% off any order with two day free shipping, I immediately ordered this cardigan in black and white. I had my eye on a similar one from Target, but in a waterfall style. I felt like the waterfall style didn't work with my body type and I'd ultimately be happier with the length of the one from Old Navy. I'm on the fence, especially because it's so much more over-sized than pictured. I also probably wouldn't wear this until next fall, but at the same time, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to find one for $20 next fall either.
I found this scarf on the clearance rack. If you know me, you know I have the hardest time resisting $7 scarves. Even while I was in line to buy a pair of 50 cent boxers for my husband, I told myself I probably shouldn't buy the scarf. (Apparently one really can get buyer's remorse before actually buying.) This one is going back. I like it far less than the first one from this post.
This week, Target is taking $5 off accessory purchases of $25 or more. With an extra gift card earned from buying a lot of dog food, I managed to walk away with this handbag in red for nearly half its original price. I think I love the idea of it more than I actually love the bag itself. I've been more interested in bags and shoes lately than I have with clothes. I don't have a colorful bag like this, and I envision it being perfect April thru August.

But here's the thing. Of all the things I've bought this month, nothing compares to what I found this morning at TJ Maxx:

While it's not the handbag I foolishly passed up last week, it's what I had in mind when I bought this little one from Target. If I had to choose between all the other stuff or this bag, I'd choose this bag, with only a brief pause. I see myself trying to buy the chunky cardigan as well as the black and white scarf down the road... and maybe the red/coral handbag, too...  so shouldn't I just keep them all now since I got them at discounted rates?

What do you think? (You can see additional images of the above handbag here.) Should I return everything and keep the bag? Or would I be justified to keep the bag, the scarf, and the cardigan (and the other bag, too)?


  1. Hmm, that's a tough one. My heart tells me you should keep the bag, the chunky sweater and the black and white scarf. The sweater and scarf just seem like classic items you would wear a lot. And that Kate Spade bag is really pretty! I'm glad you found a replacement for the one that got away! (and I'm sorry you have an eye infection! I had a few months right after I got married where my eyes kept getting irritated and infected, so I know how miserable that can be! Hope it is better soon!)

  2. I love that first scarf and the last handbag!! Good finds :)

    By the way, I have new posts up. I'd love to hear what you think :)

    Life in the Fash Lane

  3. Boo to the eye infection! My daughter has one right now. It is NOT fun putting drops in a 2 year old's eyes! Hope it gets better soon! I really like your black and white scarf and new bags! I don't know about the sweater, only because I can't tell how oversized it is. It's really cute in the picture though!

  4. I am in need of some scarfs too... these easy and light kind of Spring scarfs. I really need more of those! I like the ones you picked here. I also like the cardigan. I just ordered two similar ones but ended up returning them because I didnt like the color anyway.
    Hope your eyes are getting better!

  5. I would probably keep the bag, scarf, and sweater. They're all such classic pieces, and they're unlikely to stick around for long with such good prices. You might regret returning them and then not being able to re-buy them down the road.

  6. Yuck to that eye infection. Those are pretty brutal :(

    It looks like you've had some pretty awesome luck in the shopping department these days. I love that cardigan from Old Navy and the scarf, too! Can't wait to see how you style them :)

    Something About That

  7. A student asked me if she could crochet me a scarf because she's been working really hard on crocheting and she knows I wear a lot of scarves. She asked another teacher who turned her down because she "has too many scarves." I told the student that someone looking into my closet my argue that same point, but I believe one can never have too many scarves. How could someone pass up a handmade scarf OR one in a print as lovely as the one you posted here?

    Also, being sick justifies the following response: KEEP THEM ALL.

  8. Such a gorgeous bag! I've heard of TJMaxx carrying KS but have yet to see one. Yours is beautiful. I'm with Danielle, keep all the things! Especially that first scarf. One can never have too many scarves.


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