Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pinspired: stripes and a full skirt

Yasi's blog (Hello, Gorgeous!) is such a great source for outfit inspiration. Recently I was perusing her archives, and came across this outfit. Immediately I spotted that I had the pieces to recreate the outfit, and decided that today would be the perfect day for a Pinspired look. 

I didn't like the way my leopard scarf looked with my turtleneck, so I opted for this scarf instead. A friend gave it to me last year, and she recently mentioned that she needs to buy some scarves, so I offered to give this one back to her. I wanted to wear it one last time before I did. 

Turtleneck: Old Navy | exact - now $3.50!
Scarf: borrowed from a friend
Skirt: The Limited | option
Belt: The Limited | option
Flats: via Target | almost exact


I don't often mix patterns or prints, but I'm okay with how this turned out... excluding the placement of the scarf itself. My husband asked me while taking these pictures if I was intentionally wearing a cape. The scarf went all the way down my back. I sure hope that the scarf wasn't like this all day long.. Have you ever had any outfit bloopers?

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  1. You should really mix prints and patterns more!! This is a killer outfit!! I'm always a sucker for pink...and stripes...and pretty scarves ;)

    Something About That

  2. I've been mixing stripes and plaids all winter, but hadn't even thought of mixing florals and stripes. It looks so pretty and I love that skirt on you.

  3. My hubby always makes funny comments about my clothes when he doesn't like something. What a bummer you have to give back this pretty scarf - it goes so well with this outfit.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  4. This is a really cute outfit! I love the touch of color from the belt and the scarf!
    I also really like your shoes in this outfit and you remind me of getting some new shoes for Spring... :)

  5. This turned out so well! Yasi has so many great outfits! I really like the scarf and stripes together!

  6. loving this pattern mixing. Husband can say the funnest things sometimes.


  7. haha i've totally had that happen with my scarf before. LOVE this outfit, though!!

  8. Really love this outfit!!! I may have to recreate it soon!!!

  9. This is so cute! I love the look of the watercolor-ish print with stripes. I have scarf mishaps all the time--they just never seem to stay where I want them!

  10. Um, obviously you are wearing a cape because you are a superhero. Silly husbands just don't even understand! Anyway, I think the floral scarf was the right decision. Way better for spring!

  11. loooooove this! that is a great scarf, too bad you have to give it back! thanks for linking to a new blog i hadn't heard of before, too, i'm always on the look out for new blogs!

  12. That scarf is so pretty! I'm a little bummed you have to give it back. Stripes and florals are just meant for each other don't you think? Great job on the Pin recreation!

  13. Hahahah, I really like this outfit, but I'm totally laughing about the scarf cape in the back :)


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