Saturday, March 21, 2015

Old Navy, lately

I had an hour to kill this weekend, and so I went to Old Navy and tried on half the store. Here are my favorites... two of which came home with me... and the rest which might after April 12th (Super Cash!):
This dress in white. Love love love. I just need a Tall (as discussed last month) and a deep discount. Realistically I probably won't get it because there are only a few weeks of the year where it's not too cold or too hot to wear it. But it's still hard to resist!
I nearly forgot I had these shorts on while I was in the dressing room. They are so light, they are perfect for hot summers. I was drawn to the tan pair, but I could have been convinced to buy the blue pair. The only drawback to these shorts is that I couldn't see myself wearing them with anything but a basic tank or tee. I'm not sure why that is a drawback, but it seems like it is.
While it's just a basic top, it would be ideal if I get a summer teaching gig (fingers crossed!). If I do, I'm buying this top in white (and maybe a few more colors) and wearing it with an a-line or maxi skirt every class.
This top was also available in pink in store; I tried both and had to use all my self-control to not go home with both. It's got a split back - so cute - and so perfect for summer.
Does anyone know how to get widgets to show up in the color you want to? I have never tried any of the pants from the Pixie line, but after hearing enough great words about it, I gave it a shot. The olive chinos are pretty much what I've been looking for for the past year and a half. The grey ones are tempting, too.

Honorable mentions:
dress in apple guava  //  seersucker shorts  //  soft pants  //  graphic tee

- The dress is light and comfy and makes you want to twirl in it. I think my shoulders are slightly too broad for it, but if it drops to $5, I'll make them fit.
- The shorts are a great print option, but I like the linen ones mentioned above more. (Hence the honorable mention.)
- The pants are so soft, but I can't realistically see myself wearing them anywhere but around the house and maybe running errands. (Read: a clear sign I don't need them.)
- Because I need another graphic tee. But really, if the heather oatmeal tee didn't remind me so much of a Magic Eye... 

Have you been to Old Navy? What's catching your eye? If you have Super Cash, what are you holding out for? 


  1. i just posted a review of a couple items i purchased from old navy recently! i'm jealous the pixie pants work for you, i sure wish they did for me because they come in so many great colors and prints!

  2. That top with the split back is so cute! I recently went to Old Navy and felt the same way you did. They have so many good stuff I totally want to go home with half the store!

    Roxi -

  3. I really love the dress! Cant wait to see it on you! I miss Old Navy! Its too bad we do not have them here in Europe!

  4. That first jersey dress in your honorable mentions? Yeah, I bought THREE of them this month. It's do hard for me t find dresses that are flattering on me and comfortable that I scooped them up. I love that I'll be able to wear them to work for the next few months and then keep going with them into the summer. They were each less than $15 when I got them and this was a major major find for me, so I couldn't pass it up!

  5. So funny that you'd post this because I went to Old Navy yesterday for the first time in ages and found a ton of great stuff! I ended up leaving with a fedora, a couple of tanks, and a shift dress...but I easily could have found more if I wanted.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    Something About That

  6. I bought that gray dress because I have it in blue/white polka dots. Of course, my legs are long (tall stuff doesn't work on me because tall extra smalls don't exist. Come on, Old Navy), so I fear it will become hoochie wear after one round through the washer. I have it sitting in a pile thinking about going back to the store. Old Navy is seriously killing it this season. I kind of want one of everything.

  7. I was so surprised how much I liked the Pixie pants when I tried them too! And those two sleeveless tops are great classic tops for summer! I love them!

  8. I've been eyeing that dress in white as well. I really love the print and colors, but you're right that the long sleeves and lightweight fabric make it pretty limited in terms of usefulness throughout the year. If it gets to less than $15, I might consider it though!

  9. I recently went to Old Navy and tried on a ton of stuff. I've got to get that post up next week sometime. They just have such amazing spring and summer items! Not that I can bare my legs just yet but when I do, they dresses and skirt I ordered and comin' out! Those drawstring shorts look so comfy. I'd have a hard time styling them too. Super casual items like that are harder to style I find--wonder why that is?


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