Tuesday, March 10, 2015

lessons learned

This past weekend I went to TJ Maxx with a friend so she could return a scarf. I perused the purses as I often do (especially lately as I've been on a hunt) and I found the most perfect purse I've ever seen in my life. (For record, it's the Kate Spade Cove Street Goldie.) After waffling for at least ten minutes, I decided I wouldn't buy it but if I regretted my decision, I'd come back and get it. The main reason I didn't get it was that I felt I didn't deserve a treat like that. I've been really behind in my research process, and an expensive purse is the last thing I need. (Even though it honestly is everything I've ever wanted in a handbag.)

Well, I came home that night and decided I had made a terrible decision. I went back the following morning and the purse was gone. I looked up and down and all around three times over, before asking for help. I had told my friend that if it wasn't there, it wasn't meant to be. But now I'm almost seriously considering buying one off eBay. Any input on what I should do?

I guess the moral of the story is to buy right away, and think later? Here are some other lessons I've learned lately:
  • What clothes look like on hangers aren't necessarily what they look like on the body. (I swear this outfit looked so much better on the hanger.)
  • Remember to look at your feet before going to take outfit photos. (I had nude heels on all day, changed into flats to take the dogs out, and forgot to switch back into heels for outfit photos.)
  • I'm easily affected by weather. I've spent more time outside in the past three days than I have in the past three months. I also feel like I've been more productive... except when it comes to my research.
  • Donating and selling clothes feels good. I got rid of ten things this weekend, and I can't wait to pare back my closet even more. It's a slow process, but I can see the return of who I really am in the distant future.

Top: The Limited | last worn
Cardigan: The Limited | save, splurge
Ankle Pants: Gap | exact
Flats: Steve Madden | exact
Nude heels I actually wore: Payless


  1. I think the "buy now, think later" might be a good philosophy for things like a purse a t TJ Maxx, because there's only one, and it's not easy to go back for. As long as it is returnable, you can see if you get buyer's remorse after a few days of thinking and/or research. I was at Marshall's this afternoon (returning curtains for the baby's room that didn't work out), and several purses were catching my eye, but like, I don't need a new purse right now! I will be carrying a diaper bag for the foreseeable future. But they were pretty! And I couldn't look at clothes, because none of them would even fit anyway. So I ended up buying a super soft and adorable baby blanket, because I am ridiculous now.

  2. I used to buy things very impulsively and buy now and think later and it's not a good way too go. You have to be very discipline about returning things or you end up with a bunch of so so things.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  3. I think it all depends on where you are like Andi said. And plus you have to remember about return policies. Maybe you could use it as a reward for something you need to get done (a certain amount of research) and then it will turn into a motivator. I think the good thing is this situation served to show you what kind of investment purse you want!

  4. I love Andi's advice here. Such a bummer about the purse!! I love it - if you find it on eBay, I'd say go for it!

  5. I'd say the fact that you regret your decision to leave the purse is a great indication that you really loved it. And, since you've seen it in person, you can be sure you'll like it if you find one on eBay. (That's the downside of eBay--I rarely buy anything that I haven't seen in person. Pictures can be very deceiving when it comes to material, etc.). Maybe a good reward for finishing up the semester in a few months?

  6. That bag is perfect - too bad it is gone. It is such a classic. And before even reading your post, I was going to comment on how much I love this outfit. Adorable ruffled top and nice cropped pants. Did you belt the top? But I do think nude heels would have looked better. However, this outfit looks just as good on a human body and I think even better than on a hanger.

  7. As long as you're good about returning things, buying something when you see it, keeping the tags on, and debating for a few weeks is no biggie! Even if the tags are off, as long as you have them with the receipts the stores don't usually care. I'm so sorry to hear about the bag that got away! It's absolutely gorgeous. It might be worth a look on eBay, just beware of counterfeits. And this outfit looks pretty great on you, heels or not :)


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