Saturday, March 28, 2015

Budget Rewind: March 2014

I like easy rewinds. 

  • Old Navy pants: $12 - blogged 5 times, and I know I've worn them off the blog, too. I would say I have gotten my money's worth. Even if they're not my favorite pants ever, they are great to have as an alternative to jeans.

Honorable mentions:
  • J. Crew Factory white blouse: $25 - I regret returning this one. I was worried at the time that I wouldn't wear it that much, and that if I really regretted returning it, I'd be able to find something similar without much trouble. Well, one year later, I have wanted to wear a blouse like this countless times, and I haven't found anything comparable -- and not even close to this price. Lesson learned.
  • J. Crew Factory Peter Pan tee: $32 - I'm happy I returned this one. I really wanted it to work, but had I kept it, I would have been forcing it to work for me. It wasn't a good fit. I don't regret returning this one (especially at the price!). 

While it was a good month spending wise, I am still beating myself up over returning that blouse. I am, however, still hopeful that I will find something similar one day.


  1. Ebay that blouse. I know it's the factory version, but the retail is called the Blythe. They're all over ebay, some brand new, for really good prices.

  2. still kind of bummed out for you that the JCF peter pan blouse didn't work for you - though i'd forgotten you were looking at this short sleeved version. i'm surprised you haven't been able to find a comparable white blouse though!

  3. The white blouse looks really pretty so I can totally understand that you regret returning it. I am looking for a good white blouse since forever and I find it also so difficult to find one.

  4. For what it's worth, regret over money not spent is better than regret over money spent, right?

  5. I'm not sure what's worse--buyer's remorse or returning remorse! At least you've gotten some wear out of those Old Navy pants!


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