Sunday, March 29, 2015

Budget Rewind: March 2013

  • Kohl's white jeans:$17 - As mentioned in a recent post, these jeans are my best sale purchase ever. Enough said. 
  • Target denim jacket: $30 - This is one of the few full price purchases I have ever made, and I don't regret it. If and when I retire this one, I will opt for a longer style next time.
  • Kohl's glitter belts: $3? - These came in a two-pack, and I didn't keep track of how much these cost - I probably had store credit, but I remember that they were really inexpensive. I don't wear the silver one much, but the glitter one has got enough use to qualify as a good purchase. 
  • The Limited sunglasses: $12 - These have gotten so much wear over the past two years. The frame actually just cracked last week, but I had my husband hot glue them back together. So far, so good. (But this is why I can't have nice things.)
  • The Limited black elastic belt: $0? - I didn't keep track of how much I paid for it, but I think I had a rewards card that let me walk away with it for next to nothing. 

  • Old Navy purple sweater: $9 - While it's made it to the blog 5 times, I would consider these a medium purchase because it's too short and the neckline is too open. This one might end up going to consignment next year.
  • LOFT parrot top: $18 - I saw this one on the clearance rack, immediately fell in love, and then got my heart broke when I found out it was the last one left and it was a petite. I'm not a petite. But I bought it anyway. I really shouldn't have, especially because I've only managed to wear it 4 times. But it's still such a great print! 

  • Chinese Laundry black heels: $14 - While they were a great deal and I loved them standing in front of the mirror in the store, they are not meant for walking, and they are definitely not meant for teaching, either. I always feel like a baby giraffe when I wear them. I was going to take them to the consignment shop, but there's mud I need to clean off the soles.

It seems that with every budget rewind I do, I come up with at least one item that I'm determined to wear and make work again. This time, it's the LOFT parrot top. With the warmer weather coming it, I'm sure it won't be hard to do. (Although I'm always open to outfit suggestions!)


  1. You had a lot of good purchase in 2013. Good luck on getting your shoe sold.

  2. I love that you evaluate your purchases after you've had them for a while. This is something everyone should do, including myself.

  3. I do love that parrot top - I hope you can make it work! I wonder if it would do better with skirts, instead of pants? Assuming most of your skirts are higher waisted like mine are, the petite-ness might not be as much of an issue?

  4. i am not crazy about that old navy honeycomb sweater either for the same reason - the neckline is too bulky and big. i have it in orange too and don't think i really wore either this winter. i'm glad i resisted buying it in another color this winter. maybe i should follow your lead and send them on out! i think you should definitely try to give the parrot top a few more wears!

  5. Hm....I think that Andi is onto something when she mentioned skirts instead of pants!

  6. My mom actually has that exact parrot top from Loft, and I ask her every month or so if she's willing to give it up (i.e., donate to my closet). I, too, just love the print so much! I hope you're able to find some ways to wear it.

  7. I love that parrot top! I hope you can make it work. If not, mail it to me. Even though I'm not a petite either haha

  8. Ohhh the lavender sweater is my favorite above with the parrot top being a close second. All in all march 2013 was great for you.

  9. That lavender sweater is actually one of my favorites from your closet! I understand about sweaters being too short though. You could layer them but that definitely limits your wearing options. That parrot top is adorable. I hope you can make it work this summer!

  10. I'm really happy that I found some white jeans that work for me - I can't wait to wear them all spring and summer :) And I LOVE that parrot top - it's got some beautiful colors and I really hope it winds up working out for you :)


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