Wednesday, February 4, 2015

smooth criminal

I forgot to put together a budget post for December, but I can tell you what was on it. This sweatshirt (worn here) and these sneakers. I really enjoy having these sneakers for temperatures like these. I'm not one who likes to wear boots all winter long, so these are a perfect alternative.

Also, this is the first time I've worn my turtleneck on the blog, but the umpteenth time I've worn it since I bought it. (Don't worry, there was a wash in there somewhere.) I only wish other colors were still available in my size! It's lightweight but soft and perfect for layering.

Are there any pieces you've added to your closet lately that you're really loving?

TurtleneckOld Navy
Vest: Old Navy | similar
Jeans: Charlotte Russe - old
Sneakersvia Target

[and if you're wondering about the title, my husband looked over my shoulder as I was cropping my photos and said, "it looks like you're a criminal" to which I replied, "um, yeah, a smooth criminal"]


  1. Haha, love the title story!

    I love stripes layered under vests... just one of my random fashion favorites. :)

    xo Always, Abby

  2. oh husbands are the best! And yeah, I'm so tired of wearing boots all the time. These shoes seem like a pretty great alternative.

  3. I just bought my first turtleneck in years and wore it today for the first time :) You look really pretty in your striped turtleneck!

  4. Love your sneaker. I have been loving my hoodless hoodies.

  5. This is such a comfy but put together look! I kind of want to own everything that you have on! Haha.

  6. I need a b+w striped turtleneck, light quilted black vest and black slip-on sneakers like those. Simple yet put together. Love the post title, also.

  7. What a great casual look! I am so glad I don't live in cold weather because I can not for life of me wear turtlenecks. I think someone is choking me :)


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  8. I wish those turtlenecks were still available, too! They seem like a great fit and I love the thinner material. Darn you Old Navy! I love your layers and your slip ons!

  9. Hahaha smooth criminal indeed! Maybe that's why I didn't like stripes growing up. This vest is the perfect finishing touch for this outfit!

  10. Cute! I always hated turtlenecks as a kid--I always felt like I was suffocating in them (I know, such a drama queen). I'm warming up to them now that I can see how cute they look on you!

  11. This look is super cute! I love the vest and those slip ons are adorable!


  12. I'm totally with you - I'm SO ready to give my boots a break and wear something else (flats...sneakers...TOMS). I really, really like this outfit, by the way. The sneakers, striped turtleneck, flared jeans,'s all so perfect together. These are my favorite kinds of casual outfits :)


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